Gibbs' sex 6's and Woolmer's MURDER!!

This cricket world cup, as I said earlier, has been really amazing! On Friday, March 16, Herschelle Gibbs became the first one to score six 6’s in an over in a World Cup!! The bowler to suffer – Dutch leg spinner Daan van Bunge!

Herschelle Gibbs smashed his way into World Cup history when he hit six sixes in one over in a Group A match against the Netherlands on Friday.

Also, Bob Woolmer case took a new turn today as the police said that his neck bone had been broken and so it is now very possible that he was murdered!! The question – by Whom?? When will the Pakis start behaving themselves?

Suspicions that Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer was murdered were strengthened on Thursday with police sources saying that a bone in his neck had been broken, indicating that he may have been strangled in his hotel room five days ago.

scheduled press conference by the police and the game’s governing body, International Cricket Council, was called off without any explanation amid reports that both did not want to go public with the causes of the 58-year-old coach’s death without being absolutely sure. Opinion of a second pathologist is being sought to verify whatever was found in the first report, which has not been made public.

In the absence of an authentic word on the causes of the sensational death of the coach, Jamaican media quoted police sources as saying that fresh evidence suggested that Woolmer was strangled in his room.

"A high-ranking police officer confirmed that fresh evidence has surfaced, suggesting that Woolmer was strangled in his room at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel between Saturday night and Sunday morning," a newspaper report said.

"A bone in the neck, near the glands, was broken and this suggests that somebody might have put some pressure on it," a report in Jamaica Gleaner said.

Quoting an unnamed police officer, the paper said that Woolmer was in fact attacked between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

A reporter of Radio Jamaica, Rohan Powell, also claimed that the former England cricketer could have been strangulated.

"I made contact with the ongoing investigation. The police will tell the public and journalists that the cause of death was strangulation," the reporter said.

"I have sources in the Jamaican police and I stick by my sources. Maybe they wanted to make some extra precautions (before making the findings public)" he said.

Pakistan team’s media manager Pervez Mir said that the Jamaican police had not informed them about the actual cause of Woolmer’s death.

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