Parents of Spelling-bee wannabe Deported from US; should be deported from India as well!!!

Now, this kid is alone in the US while his parents have been deported to India. So, why is the kid HERE?? And this guys came all the way to the US and tried to stay here seeking "ASYLUM"?? Asylum from India?? And that too citing violence? So hindu parents had violence in Gujarat and due to that they wanted Asylum? Even if it was in Bombay… still… they could move to Delhi if they wanted! If this is what the "Hindus" majority start doing then who can blame the minorities who genuinely face an uphill task?!! Shame on these idiots!

I have ZERO sympathy for the idiotic Indians who come to the US seeking asylum – just for the heck of it! What goes into the petition to justify their asylum would make any sane Indian mad!! So these buffoons can keep crying for the rest of their lives for all you know.. and in my view they should be deported from India as well!!!

An Indian boy whose parents were deported by authorities after living in the US for 16 years will participate in the Scripps National Spelling Bee to be held in May.

Thirteen-year-old Kunal Shah will be representing the state of Utah in the competition, which has been dominated in recent years by kids of Indian-origin.

"It’s very tough. He calls everyday and he cries. He needs to live with his parents. But he cannot. We try to make him feel better and stronger," his father, Ken Shah, told The Salt Lake Tribune from New Delhi.

Ken and his wife Sarita legally entered the US in 1990 so he could attend school in California to become an aircraft mechanic, their attorney, Steven Lawrence, said.

Sarita became pregnant with their only child, and they applied for asylum to stay in the US, citing violence in their home province in India, Lawrence said.

Their case, however, did not come up for about 10 years.

By that time, federal immigration officials ‘decided the asylum case was no longer valid if valid at all. India had changed after all those years’.

They were deported back to India last July after losing the battle to remain there under tough US immigration regulations in the post-9/11 atmosphere.

Kunal, an eighth grader at Green River High School in Utah and also called ‘a walking dictionary’ by his friends, was born in the United States and, as such, is a citizen.

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