“SHOOT THAT ANIMAL”. My Boss ordered me and my eyes burst into tears. I came out of my Boss house. My vision is blurred because of teras in my eyes. I am on the way to my house which is given by my boss to me where me and BLACK BULLET live together. BLACK BULLET a HORSE, to whom my boss ordered me to kill. I am a care taker of him.
I still remember the day when iI first saw my blacky. Blacky is nick name given by me to him. HE IS FULL BLACK WITH WHITE SPOT IN FORE HEAD. Blacky was only seven monthh older at that time.My boss handed him to me and said that “Now it is your responsibility to look after him.
From that day I m only MOM n DAD for him. He is like my son. He also behaves like a obeyed son. My boss told me “give him a massage daily., give him a good food, so that one day he will run and wins the race.
One day my boss told me to make blacky ready for race in derby in next morning. the naxt day I made him ready and take him to derby as directed by my boss.
The race begins. My and my boss eyes on the blacky. initially blacky is in 5th position then he take 3rd position. My boss is shouting and cheering for him. N ow blacky is in second position just behind his one competitor for victory. whole stadium is shouting and cheering for this new comer =black bullet. Blacky suddenly take a pace and come in first position and wins the race.
After that he wins every race. He is now a rising star. Crowds of people gather to see just a glimpse of him.HE is on the cover story of magzine and newspapers. He became a superstar.
One day when he was runing in the race, he falls on the ground.we rush to the ground and take him to the hospital. doator said”there is a facture in his right leg.” my boss ask him “whether he is able to run or not”? “may be or may be not, it is said only after full treatment” doctor replied. my boss ordered me to take bullet in our home. Aftersome time doctor gave permission blacky to run in the race.
Race begins, bullet is in first position. every body is shouting “blakc bullet”.suddenly he lowered down his pace and come in 5th position then in 9th and then last. At last he losse that race.After that he loose every race. the media who appriciate him now ctiticize him.
ONE DAY MY BOSS CALL ME ON HIs BUNgalow.I reach there. He said to me “bullet is of no use , go and kill that animal”
I reach home, and jolted back to present.I open the draw take out my gun and oint towards blacky.MY hands are shivering but i have to do my duty. “OH LORD PLEASE FORGIVE ME”
“no i cant i cant” I shout and throw the gun ang hug my son my blacky. On that day i leave that home with my son. But where i will go i never no. But i am happy with my son.
to hell with those who ALWAYS SALUTE TO A RISING STAR.

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