Confessions of the Nithari Killer

These are confessions of the Nithari serial killer about how he went about killing these women and young girls and then indulging in cannabalism! The accounts are sickening! What is amazing is that you do feel a strange pity for this guy – who seems to have let the situations get to him and became a totally different person and lost all judgment. How can the society make sure such things do not happen?

I suggest that prostitution be made legal and taxed. It would have been better for him to have had sex with a prostitute than kill so many young girls in his quest for sex and then raping their dead bodies and eating their body parts! Sex was never a bad word in India.. until the close-minded Islamic radicals and Christian-british came in with their prudish manners – but hypocritical life-styles (all the Moghul kings had harems.. but sex was still a bad word! Same hyprocrisy with the Western Christian leaders – they screw boys in Churches and yet they are against sex and gays!)

Here are some of the other confessions:

A few days later, I saw a six- or seven-yearold girl, Payal, playing nearby. I told her that I wanted to give her a gift. Once I rendered her unconscious, I tried to have sex with her. I couldn’t have intercourse with any of the victims. I killed her in the bathroom. I stuffed her body in a sack and threw it in the drain at night.

One day, there was no water at home. I went to the terrace to check the tank, when I saw the dhobi’s 10-12-year-old daughter, Jyoti, entering the house. I went down and asked her to take some clothes for ironing. While she was counting the clothes, I smothered her. When I failed to have sex with her, I killed her. I stuffed her body in a sack and left it in the bathroom. That day, Pand her was at home. I don’t know whether he knew about the killing. At night, I disposed of the sack. I used to remain in control at times when Pandher wouldn’t bring any girl home. One day, I mistook a boy, Harsh, for a girl. I killed him, chopped him into pieces and tried to eat his liver. I realised what I had done only after a few hours. I felt like a possessed man, under a spell. It took nearly four hours (to cool down). Everything happened automatically.

I used to feel at peace after that (a killing). One day, around noon, I saw Rachna, a parttime maid working in a nearby house. I had seen her earlier too. I told her that I had a toy for her. I tried to have sex with her once she fell unconscious. But I failed. I could control myself up to two weeks. Not beyond that. I stayed alone. I craved sex. Pandher would also call his friends to his place. One of his friends, Avnish Pratap, was present at the house during a police raid. I recognised the victims when the police showed me their photographs. I couldn’t recollect their names.

Ten- or twelve-year-old Pushpa was the next victim af ter Rachna. The next victim was Max, a boy. Two to three days later, I killed Payal, a call girl. After killing Payal, I had sex with her.

A few days later, I killed 12-13-year-old Deepali. The next victim was Aarti, whom I lured with chocolates. A few days later, I killed Nisha, a Nepali, daughter of a streetside vendor.

My next victim was a girl who was looking for a job. I put her remains in a bucket and dumped it in the drain. Anjali was the next victim. I managed to have sex with her. After Anjali, it was Nanda, who had earlier worked in Pandher’s house. I had sex with her as well. My next victims were an 18- to 20-year-old girl, Madhu, and Aarti. I have never done anything like this before. I was never involved in any criminal case.

I killed the dhobi’s girl and stuffed her body in a sack.

I don’t know whether Pandher knew about the killing.

Confession, by the book An accused’s confession is recorded before a magistrate under section 164 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC). The accused is not bound to make a confession, however. The confessional statement can be used as evidence against the accused; it is the duty of the magistrate to warn the accused of the consequences. If the accused retracts, he can be sentenced to rigorous imprisonment of up to seven years for perjury. The court, however, can rely on the retracted statement to convict the accused, if other facts and circumstances corroborate the statement. Koli got enough warning Koli’s was the first case in India where the confession statement was videographed. Two lawyers had briefed him on Section 164 CrPC and the consequences of making a confession under this section. Koli was given a day’s time to reflect and to ensure that he was not under any threat, influence or inducement. Koli was kept in solitary confinement at Tihar Jail the night before his confession. What about Pandher? Moninder Singh Pandher has been charged with procuring call girls and indulging in prostitution along with his friends in his house, using it has a brothel, and thereby commission of offences under the Immoral Traffic (prevention) Act. He has also been charged with pressurwitnesses, bribing a police officer, conspiring with dismissed sub-inspector Simranjeet Kaur, destruction of evidence, and, having reason to believe that an offence has taken place and for giving false information in this regard.


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