Political Correctness, Jew Holocaust and Muslims in UK

On my post of Holocaust and Muslims in UK, my post in desicritics got some great comments. The thrust have been along two lines:

  1. Such things are not dictated by muslims themselves but the politically correct brits.
  2. What the Muslim organization is asking for is something.

This particular entry by a person called Jawahar was very informative:

First of all, as Null pointed out, UK Muslims did not demand the exclusion of the holocaust from school curricula. It was some misguided attempt at being PC.

Secondly, it’s not UK *Muslims* who are oppose holocaust commemoration but an organization, the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB). In fact, in direct defiance of that body’s boycott, there are other organizations that actually attended the British commemoration of the holocaust.

I am no fan of any religion-based organization, particularly Muslim ones, but even the MCB is not really a holocaust denier. Their position (misguided according to some, but certainly valid) is that the they boycott (not deny) the UK Holocaust Memorial events because of the denial of the plight of the Palestinians. That is a political act not a crazy-6-million-didn’t die one.

In fact, when they started boycotting the event in 2003, this is what their official statement said: "We are fully with the Jewish community in their pain and anguish. None of us must ever forget how the Holocaust began. We must remember it began with hatred that dehumanized an entire people, that fostered state brutality, made second class citizens of honest, innocent people because of their religion and ethnic identity."

It goes on to state: "regrettably the memorial ceremony in its present form excludes and ignores other ongoing genocide and human rights abuses around the world, notably in the Occupied Palestinian Territories."

"Much as we wanted to be there," he said they were unable to join the memorial ceremony but he urged the Home Secretary to make the Memorial Day inclusive of the sufferings of all people.

"Genocide is the most abhorrent and outrageous crime against humanity and we are not going to prevent it by selectively remembering only some of its victims."

These broad brush strokes (Muslims, Hindus, Jews…) forget to take into account not just individuals but also other groups, factions, dissenting opinions. We would be well served to remember that…at least sometimes.

Here is my take on it: Many have made the point that the Muslims *themselves* did not ask for such a behavior, the others in society just so worked like that. Well the PC bs is created in a very subtle way. And it is very apparent in the Don Imis case here in US too. One community creates some kind of "limits and devils" of its own.. which it starts taking to be sacred for some reason. And suddenly there is a halo around that concept. Now anyone violating it is not really correct.

It is such "norms" that others start – for reason – "respecting"! This is what is happening in UK.

Why remember holocaust victims when so many Muslims are dying today.

If you closely look at this argument it would be like saying stopping a person giving food to a dying person by saying "so many folks are dying in the world.. so you cannot give him food unless you give everyone the food". Well, on the face of it it looks "pious" but if you look deeper, the obvious mischief comes jumping at you. Specifically for these reasons:

1. it is their interpretation that Muslims today are victim of genocide. Most others do not share their version. In kashmir, for example, I believe the pandits were the victims of muslims led genocide. But that really brings out my argument.

2. It is not as if Muslims have been the only ones who have had to suffer in wars – like crusades. They killed and did so in large numbers as well. Their conquest of Spain led to crusade and last I checked their campaigns weren’t led by Gandhi! So it is a spurious argument.

Such politically correct and so "pious" sounding arguments look fine in media .. but betray one’s hypocrisy. Also, anyone who understands the kind of discourse going on in the mosques (and indeed the city squares as well sometimes) understands it fairly clearly the "REAL" arguments there leaders or organizations make. So lets not just obfuscate the scenario by throwing semantic clouds around!

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