Virginia Killings and the real culprits

Last week there was this killing at Virginia Tech. It was terrible and unprecedented. There were many glaring and immediate things that could have been done to stop or block it like:

1. Instead of wait for a mass technology based communication system like SMS or emails – the Univ authorities could have had a police car with a loudspeaker – after the first shooting when Cho was at large, to go around announcing that people need to move out. That could have (1) put people on alert (2) got most of the folks out (3) put some fear of failure of the plot in Cho when he would have listened to it!

2. Taken the writings of Cho in the English literature class very seriously.

Unfortunately such things did not happen. Another thing that I find intriguing is that he named the shooters in the other school killings as heroes. Now, in my mind this is significant. Amazing is that when people are slighted or played around with in school by some bullies, they become resentful and with the right combination of availability of guns, free info on net, and violent societal behavior – the victim kids do things that are beyond imagination.. or are they?

A society that values "in-your-face" bullying behavior and talk as "good" and "acceptable".. indeed celebrated – watch soaps, or Apprentice or other reality shows and you will know what I mean – is it any wonder that bullies get bolder and more acceptable instead of reigned in?

To be a weakling is a negative in the US society. To be a bully and confrontationistically vociferous is highly valued. In such a society there will be people who will be victims and hold the resentment in them. In other societies it will probably just remain a resentment inside and come out in just personal life. But in a society where family and friends ties are not so pronounced and strong.. the victims remain lonely, and therefore aloof. Then they look at the way out which is usually violence and images of taking it back.

Resentment from undeserving and inappropriate bullying or bad behavior from others does – in NORMAL circumstances – give birth to negative thoughts and mentality. Every person who has suffered resentment does think of this.

I know I went through the same in my school time. But this resentment had a pronounced enemy – my loving family and my other friends who were loving and understanding. Although my thoughts were never that negative – it would go only as far as standing on the stage and imagine giving it back to them in front of the entire school by making fun of them 🙂 but what I am saying is that negativity is there. It needs societal and filial channels to take care of.

Those channels are absent in the US. Instead what you have are channels that accentuate the negativity and take it to a terrible and violent end. So, in my view, there are three culprits of Virginia killings:

  1. Lack of societal and family support channels and the sorry celebration of individual freedom in families even against the general family good and support
  2. Celebration of confrontationist and bullying behavior in the US society
  3. Easy availability of violent tools and images that accentuate the negativity.

Here is the video of Seung Cho.

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