Woolmer died of Aconite Poisoning!

Sify informs that an anonymous phone call – from a Pakistani – claimed that Bob Woolmer died of Aconite poisoning! Aconite experts say is a perfect chemical to mask a murder.. and also may explain why Woolmer – such a big man – died without a fight!

According to Sunday’s Daily Mirror – Toxicologist Prof John Henry, of St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, London, said: "Woolmer would have felt nauseous after the drug began to work and would have gone to the bathroom to be sick. He wouldn’t have realised straight away how serious his condition was, so it was doubtful he’d have phoned the hotel’s reception.

"By the time he realised how ill he was it would be too late. "He would have collapsed and been unable to move. The drug causes a loss of power in the limbs."

Prof Henry explained: "Aconite is a poison which stops the heart and other internal organs from working, causing the victim to die of asphyxiation. It works like cyanide.

"The poison gives the victim a sensation of ants crawling over the body.

"It makes the skin clammy and hands and feet tingly. It also causes vomiting and diarrhoea.

"The victim’s breathing gets slower and slower and eventually stops. All the while the victim’s mind remains clear, so it is a particularly cruel death. – Man these killers were exceptional sadists… and by no means just novices or amateurs! Personally, I believe that Pakistan should be banned from the world of cricket… ever since the matches between India and Pakistan in Sharjah started .. this madness of betting had picked up and Dawood’s influence over the game solidified!! Given that the Pakistani team is so rank bad now.. it doesnt add much to the anyways. The only thing that India adds to the world of cricket is the money power.. otherwise even the Indian team should be suspended for a while!!

"It is the perfect drug to make a murder appear to be a suicide because it leaves no mark on the body. It is difficult to detect in a post-mortem.

Police investigating Bob Woolmer’s death have received a tip-off that the coach was poisoned by ‘aconite’ believed to be the "perfect" drug to mask a murder.

According to Sunday Mirror, an anonymous man, thought to be from Pakistan, phoned police claiming that aconite killed the coach following which Jamaica’s Deputy Commissioner Mark Shields, who is leading the probe, has ordered new tests on Woolmer’s body to look for traces of the drug.

Aconite causes the victim’s internal organs to seize and slows down their breathing until they finally stop. Death is usually by asphyxiation within 30 minutes and this explains how 16-stone Woolmer died without putting up a fight.

"The aconite tip is a major breakthrough and is being taken extremely seriously. The man who called Kingston police station had a Pakistani accent and was very specific about aconite and how it was administered," Shields was quoted as saying by the paper.

"The symptoms Bob suffered before he died are identical to aconite poisoning, which is why it is a major line of inquiry now. It would also explain how such a physically imposing man, at 6ft 1in tall, died without putting up a fight. You’d struggle to get two people into his bath room let alone three, so it could be no-one was there," he added.

Toxicologists say aconite is the "perfect" drug to mask a murder. It also explains why Jamaican pathologist Dr Ere Seshaiah found no marks around his neck to suggest he had been strangled.

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