CBSE results in India are out.. and the questions it raises!

This is the CBSE result – which is kind of like the benchmark (although many science students do not really care for these results anymore as they have little or no bearing on their admissions from here on!) of the Indian school performances. This year the total students taking these exams was 495,016. Out of which over 80% passed! And over 8000 scored over 90%!!

This time again, as usual, the girls beat the boys in the results – 85% of the girls passed the exam vs 77%! Now, this result should be viewed in context of the Indian society. In most households even now the girls do household chores.. while the boys get complete time to study or do what they want… and despite that the girls beat the heck out of the boys in India!

In that sense, it is good that one sees more and more women in the workforce in India these days.. In my time – 1995-97, in my consulting group, we had almost 60% women! And for all you know this trend has just increased. It is time that the role of Indian men is redefined… so that there are lesser mismatch in expectations of men with their lives and contribution.. and women too should look differently at their life partners.. for you cannot put someone on a pedestal and then complain about being below his feet all day! If you want proper treatment from men, you need that kind of a person. To look for that macho, independent and aggressive guy.. and then complain he is not sensitive to your needs is a little oxomoronic!! So, times are a changing!!

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On another note… what is the sanctity of an exam when so many folks are scoring near perfect marks! Is the test too easy or are the kids becoming smarter? Most probably, like other things in India the standards of merit are coming down… these tests are so repetitively similar that the folks and institutes have “cracked” them. Its become easier now to beat the system!

A record 8,120 Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class 12 students have scored over 90 percent marks this year – a whopping 50 percent increase than in 2006 – as the board declared the results Friday.

CBSE chairman Ashok Ganguly said this year 8,120 students, including 4,203 girls, have scored more than 90 percent as compared to 5,412 students last year.

‘What is more interesting is that 549 students scored 95 percent and above. Of these students, 289 are from the Chennai region,’ Ganguly told reporters.

Of the total number of students scoring above 90 percent include 1,694 (954 girls and 740 boys) from the national capital. Moreover, 62 students (31 girls and 31 boys) from Delhi even scored 95 percent and above.

A total of 4,165 candidates nationwide have been given merit certificates of which 801 are from Delhi region. Of the 801 students, 123 are from government-run schools, 15 from government-aided schools, 36 from Kendriya Vidyalayas (also known as Central Schools), and the rest 626 are from private independent schools.

A total of 1,146 candidates across the country have scored 100 out of 100 in mathematics, of which 234 are from Delhi. Students in the national capital have done exceptionally well in Mathematics, Economics, Accountancy, and Computer Science.

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