The Purpose of Creation?

Avtar Singh – who has written "The Hidden Factor" – writes on Intentblog about the Purpose of creation and the Universe.

This is what he says:

What does Holistic Relativity tell us about the purpose of the universe and life?

Materialism (material only reality) kills the intrinsic purpose in the mainstream science.
Dogmatic belief kills the purpose in religion.
How to instill purpose in science to provide an intelligent substitute for the dogmatic religion?

The mainstream science has limited its investigations to the inanimate matter just because all its measuring tools and methods are restricted to the classical material instruments and fixed (Newtonian) space & time of the material world. Science has identified spontaneous physical phenomena such as wave-particle duality allowing spontaneous conversion of mass to energy or vice versa. In fact all motion in inanimate bodies or objects has to be induced by some kind of a spontaneous force or stimulus initiated by a conscious being. No inanimate matter can move at its own according to the laws of physics. For example, a perfectly functional car is capable of motion but has no purpose and incapable of driving itself to a desired destination. However, science has ignored integrating such observed spontaneity (consciousness or free will) in nature into the mathematical or empirical formulations of its theories such as theories of physics, cosmology, and biology including the theory of evolution. Because of this fundamental deficiency, no scientific theory has the physics of self-motivation that animates the living organisms in the universe.

Personally I read through his piece and he doesnt really seem to have answered the question SQUARELY! The question then arises.. can it be answered at all? Here are my views:

I read through your piece.. but still did not quite get the answer to your question "What is the PURPOSE?"!!

I think you are confusing INTELLIGENCE of the consciousness with ITS PURPOSE! The Intelligence is a characteristic of the Universal Consciousness. It makes it "act" or "lend" itself in certain ways… that seem to provide a direction to the entire existence.

But is that intelligence – which is an inherent character of the Universal.. its purpose as well?

Purpose is the WHY one undertakes an endeavour. What is that one imperative that is "driving" the Universal?

Purpose is essentially preceded by desire. A Purpose also implies that one is looking to be in a different state than one is in. For Purpose is focused on movement from "What is" to "What ought to be". Isn’t it?

Why should the Universal be "desirous" of moving to a "Should be"?? Can it?

Purpose is also a product of the cause and effect world. In that sense, it does not apply to the causeless.

To imply a purpose to the Universal is like looking at the sky through a purple lens across the horizon in an arc and saying the Purple sky is moving from East to West. When, really, only your own lens is moving.

We are a product of the cause and effect.. and this cause-effect chain is what has created the life for us. Those who can see "through this maze" do not see any differentiation or cause.. and so no purpose is required.

The question is a relevant one for us beings inflicted by causation, but the answer is not available in our realm either. It is not a question that can be satisfactorily answered in our realm.

A friend of mine – a Dualist-fan – one asked me "If the world is an illusion, then why act? (where he was implying the purpose of my actions!) More importantly, why should God need to create such illusion". I tried hard to think through his question…. and couldn’t answer it satisfactorily to myself. It is because it is not answerable in a causative world!

Acting with a purpose reinforces causation. Recognizing that Life is really Empty and Meaningless not only takes you closer to the reality …..it is actually a very powerful paradigm to action!!

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