An Indian Civilizational Perspective

The Rotting American political system!

Har Shaakh par uloo baitha hai;
anjaam-e-gulistaan kya hoga.

Barbaad-e-gulistaan karne ko;
bas ek hi uloo kaafi hai.

(There is an owl on every branch;
wonder what is the future of such a garden.
For to destroy a garden completely;
Only ONE owl will suffice!)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketYesterday US President George Bush pardoned Scooter Libby from going to jail. The combine of Dick Cheney, Bush, Libby and others had put a big part of the US Intelligence in danger by compromising the identity of one Intelligence operative. Libby was the fall guy. Or so people thought. Until Master Bush came to his rescue. It was all stage managed. And it shows most spectacularly the extent and amount of corruption that is prevalent in the US!

Why is important?

Every great society has some unwritten rules that are followed with a "gentleman’s" grace. They neednt be written into the books but be understood. The reason: More rules make a society rigid and therefore less successful. Unwritten rules set a tradition that is useful.

But sometimes a fool comes along and crosses all lines and in turn makes rigid rules a NECESSITY.

THAT is the start of the decline of a free and a successful society. And, just for the record, US is NOT the first "free" society. Every successful society in history was a "free" society – a melting pot!

If you think that is what ails the US, think again. Here are some – REALLY SICK – examples of the rot that has set in the US, from a comment on Intentblog (ostensibly from Economist).

  • Florida state judge John Sloop was ousted after complaints about his rude and abusive behaviour which included an order to strip search and jail 11 defendants for arriving late in court for traffic offences.
  • Californian judge Jose Velasquez was sacked in April for a plethora of misconduct, including extending the sentences of defendants who dared to question his rulings (We have been told that such things happens in lands like that of Saddam only)
  • New York judge William Carter was censored for his utterly inexcusable conduct after jumping down from the bench during a trial and challenging a defendant to a fist fighting. (jungle law in the US?) On another occasion, he suggested that the police thump the s**t out of an allegedly disrespectful defendant.
  • Charles Greene, chief criminal judge of Florida in Broward County had to step down after describing a trial for attempted murder involving minorities as NHI (No Humans Involved)
  • In Colorado, a male judge resigned after admitting to having sex with a female proecutor in his chamber.
  • In California, a former judge was jailed for downloading child pornography.
  • In Oklahoma, Donald Thomson, a judge for more than 20 years was jailed for four years for indecent exposure and using a p***s pump for master***ing during trials.( Similar to former president Clinton enjoying a blow job from Monica while discussing important matters with Yeltsin on the phone. Shouldn’t all sentences passed by this judge be re-opened and re-examined? Will one be able to keep his sense of judgement while master***ing or having an orgasm? ) – From an article in The Economist

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