Jehad, Economics and the Structure of Islam!

"Interestingly, we’ve found that the vast majority are not inspired by jihad or hate for the coalition or Iraqi government – the vast majority are inspired by money," said Captain John Fleming of the navy, who is spokesman for coalition detainee operations in Iraq.

This is the conclusion of this Brit captain. And this was also the conclusion of my brother-in-law about those in Kashmir. In fact the situation is Kashmir, over the years, had become so bad that the Kashmiris could even trade – literally! – their brothers …. and often sisters.. for money – primarily from the Jehadi top management or from Indian Army!

So, then the moderate Muslims will loudly proclaim – so, it aint about Islam.. its economics. .. give money… and its all over! QED. Islam is a peaceful religion.. proved .. "yet again"! But is it so? Where do these who want money come from? Let’s back up a bit:

There are two types of Jehadis: Educated and Uneducated. The educated are the brains behind the mayhem. The Uneducated are the cannon-fodder! Now, the Educated have figured it out – at the beginning of their Islamic career – four main things:

  1. Islam is in danger.
  2. Infidels are despicable idiots – who should either convert or die.
  3. Quran has enough material to come to the conclusion that mayhem, killing and plundering is correct.. and more barbaric (beheadings) it is the better it is. If Prophet could order beheadings.. why not me?
  4. IN Quran, ultimately, Muslims will rule. So, they will win in any case.

As the Islamic journey of a young man proceeds.. he realizes that not all the assumptions were true… for example, the odds against their "win" are heavily stacked.. . but now it is the baggage of the community and the pot of gold at the end of the life’s rainbow in heaven that they want! So, how do you do that? Well… there are enough Islamic Sheikhs with but no brains.. and there are enough poor with courage from survival but no education or money. Why not short-circuit these two wires and set the world on fire??! The recipe is simple and effective. Madrasas have become the nucleus of the Jehadi agenda and world-wide Supply Chain of mayhem!

In fact, my contention is that except for Persia – where the inertia from the Sassanids scientific temper somehow changed the face of Islam there, there was no real effort to give any education other than religious in madrasas! My argument is that this was the exact reason why madrasas were invented!

However, much Muslims like to claim from the roof-top that Muslims have been at the forefront of Science in the past.. but the truth is that the moment you take out Persia out of the equation.. there is VERY LITTLE to show for Science in Islam!! Those who are proclaimed as scholars – including women.. were more scholars of Islamic law and life than secular!

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