Sikh father to convert his daughter to Catholicism for school admission!!

This is one father I just cannot understand. I just cannot believe that any school that is so exclusivist – that too based on religion – is worth going to anyways!! Shame on this Singh guy.. he has got his priorities all screwed up! Any educational institution that is so fundamentalist about religion is imparting anything but education.. for education promotes free minds which are capable of open exploration. THAT is something that St Paul’s will never be able to impart.

The parents of a Teesside Sikh girl say they will convert her to Catholicism in order to get her into the best school in the area.

Maya Kaur, four, has attended a nursery at St Paul’s RC School at Wolviston, near Billingham, for two years.

But her parents have been told there is no place for her at the school when she starts primary education next month.

Now her father, Bal Singh, says he is prepared to change her religion, if it helps his daughter stay at St Paul’s.

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