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Why wouldn't Indian Muslims leave India to live in Pakistan/Bangladesh?

Dr. Muthuswamy, the author of the book "The Art of War on Terror" argued in his comments to my last post that Indian land mass and resources were after all divided and 25% was taken away by the Muslims. And in both the areas, the minorities – specifically the Hindus – were either thrown out or converted or simply finished off. You can also add Kashmir now – where a systematic religious cleansing was undertaken by the Jehadis and the Indian Hindus did NOTHING! So, he argues, why give any reservations to Muslims at all? If they are poor in India – it must be their "doing". I agree with him on this. Like I have said early too – I was part of the study done in UP on Minorities (Muslims) economic and social development. And our findings clearly stated that Muslims are in the throes of the fundamentalist and useless madrasa education. Until they get out of that – I do not see any improvements!

Here is another post from Indian Muslims site – which was interesting. IN many areas, Muslims are discriminated against and not given the opportunity to live in certain apartment complexes. I do agree that the discrimination against the Muslims is really undesirable in the context of Indian ethos. But for a moment, let us assume this was Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. Would such a question be even raised?? If a Hindu was denied residence – would that tantamount to discrimination?? Would any one talk about it? Why not?

Now, let me take you to another constant rant of the Shiv Sainiks to Muslims – "Go to Pakistan" they say. That is again undesirable – within the ethos of the Indian values. But again, it happens EVERYDAY in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Is that even a question there? Why not?

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How come that even though we belong to the same heritage and race and forefathers still the ETHOS of Pakistan-Bangladesh and India are inherently assumed to be so different? What made it so different?

Now, given the stuff above, let me ask an exploratory (not a rhetoric of Shiv Sainiks) – Why would an Indian Muslims NOT leave India for Pakistan or Bangladesh? Why would they want to stay in India? What makes India – despite (or because?) of its Hindu Majority a better option versus Pakistan or Bangladesh?

Ok, lets ask another corollary – if India did become a majority Muslim and lost the Hindu majority status – would it still have the same appeal to the Indian Muslims???

I would now follow this question with another one – Is a society run as an "Islamic" society even worth living and dreaming in? Dreams need freedom and diversity.

And I am talking of all hues of Muslims here – Ahmediyas, Shias, Aga khanis etc. If you are an Ahmediya – would you want such a society which is built as an Islamic society?

What is it about Islam that makes societies built on its religious precepts un-liveable by anyone BUT the fundamentalists? This question is NOT a rant but a serious question! It needs deep and thorough – and above all DISPASSIONATE introspection.

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