The Guy who sold his soul on ebay!

Can one’s soul be sold? Well, those who cheat are often accused of that. But here is a guy – Indian Jain – who put his soul up for sale on Ebay. And got a bidder. For $504. Rather cheap soul huh!!? This was his modus operandi of this soul-seller (rhymes with soul-searcher?)

I offered to go to a church or temple or mosque saying that I’ve really never been to any of those places outside my own Jain faith, and I really am curious about what it’s like.

The auction I put up on eBay said, ”I am an atheist. You can bid on where I go to church or a temple or a mosque, etc.”

It came down to Christians bidding that I go to a particular church and atheists bidding that I don’t go to church.

I work with a college atheist group called the Secular Student Alliance. I didn’t want to be put in the position where a Christian with, say, $1 million has the opportunity to win this auction. So [I said] that the money will be donated to the secular group I work with.

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