2008 Resolutions

This year I am making some resolutions. I want to do things better. What are your resolutions.

Better Personal Management: 2007 was a better year from financial management standpoint. The next year should have a stronger discipline. I need to add relentless discipline. I lose that often.

Look for cost cutting in the year to eke out more savings.

Manage stuff better. Assign personal folder and put in my important documents such as passports, certificates etc. Also, create a folder for credit card bills, bank statements, taxes, insurance and work documents. I also need to categorize and keep a database of my books and music.

Also, assign “Cleaning Days” every month for going through my laptop bag, for going through my desk – home and office and my wallet to get rid of the junk.

I will also assign “Personal Rejuvenation Days” – once in two months to spend on my own with my thoughts.

Perform at 100% of my capacity! It has been a while since I did that!

Managing Anger and Debilitating emotions: When angry, I would just leave the room/area and go out for a walk. Think through the situations and pre-empt such situations and keep them from happening.

Work Harder: I have been much too lazy in the past few years.. I need to work harder and smarter. Need to plan my days, weeks and months harder – and follow up on those plans.

Health: Need to formulate a better schedule of exercise and keep at it. Also manage my diet by looking carefully at what I eat.

Meditation and Breathing exercises in the mornings is also a must now.

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Rolodex Management: Every week, talk to or contact one new person and go out for a coffee or lunch. Maybe an old friend from school or college. But need to keep in contact. Create a database – or use one of the sites to do the managing.

Career Management: Look at the overall picture better and chalk out the plan to move forward. I need to enlist my champions and bring them on my side.

Also, make sure that the ventures I am investing in are brought to fruition.

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