The Tribal Mentality of the Catholic Church

The religions coming out of the Middle East – specifically Islam and Christianity – had a terrible inferiority complex. To get over that, they resorted to their tribal mentality.. as that is the best they knew at the time. So, the mindset went – The more people I have in my fold and brainwashed to my ideology, the more powerful I become, and so the “Best” religion we have.. with the only chance of salvation to mankind! This is a pretty sad and shameful legacy of a great soul – Jesus. It is sad that with all his spiritual enlightenment he was not able to raise people around him to higher levels than tribals.

Roman Catholic Church symbolizes that tribal mindset, in that they not only go out of the to get converts but do it without any remorse or thought.. as this document now reveals. Just look at the language in the end of the reasons for the “expansion”. Anybody who can “spiritually” (NOT in the religiously tribal sense) understand Jesus, would know that to know Jesus you need to be “free” and not “bound” in any ritualistic/organized religion!

The Roman Catholic Church on Friday defended its “right and duty” to spread its message to non-believers and to welcome converts, particularly from other Christian churches. A document from the Vatican’s doctrinal department also rejected charges from some quarters that spreading the faith and receiving converts amounted to proselytism, or seeking new members aggressively or through coercion.

The document comes after the Russian Orthodox Church accused Catholics of trying to poach souls in the former Soviet Union and as a growing number of Anglicans are converting to Catholicism following deep divisions in their own Church.

The 19-page “Note on Some Aspects of Evangelisation,” was written by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which Pope Benedict headed until his election as pontiff in 2005.

Evangelisation, the document said, was “an inalienable right and duty, an expression of religious liberty …,” adding that the right to share one’s own faith with others is not respected in some countries.

It said the note had been made necessary to contrast notions, including from some Catholic theologians, that attempts to convince others of the primacy of Catholicism was a limitation of their freedom.

“The incorporation of new members into the Church is not the expansion of a power group, but rather entrance into the network of friendship with Christ which connects heaven and earth, different continents and age. It is entrance into the gift of communion with Christ …,” the document said.

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