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Is this the end of Physics as we know it?

It is time to re-write physics for here is a guy who has – literally – dreamt up a device to see thru walls, detect stealth technology and do things that seem impossible! If his real device is not as ephemeral as his dreams, then he may have just created a “New Physics”! Well.. what do you think?

The Angel Light—Hurtubise claims the concept came to him in a recurring dream—can reportedly see through walls, as if there was no barrier at all.

It also detects stealth technology. He seems to have a lot of “French” backing!

Hurtubise also said the French government sent representatives to North Bay to witness a demonstration of the Angel Light.

Hurtubise said the reps were so impressed with the eight-foot long device they paid him $40,000 in cash to put the finishing touches on it.

The French, Hurtubise adds, have also agreed to pay him a “substantial” amount of money for the technology if it passes rigorous tests in France.

“They couldn’t believe what they saw,” Hurtubise told

“One of them told me it was as if I’d discovered a new universe.”

as well as other Governments! has obtained documentation confirming that the former head of Saudi counter-intelligence, who asked that his name not be used, has been in regular contact with Hurtubise regarding the Angel Light, fire paste, and the Light Infantry Military Blast Cushions (LIMBC)

He is not the only one who was working on this technology.. many major companies were also looking at the same thing:

Motorola Inc. for example, has set its sights on emerging technology that could allow first responders and Special Forces to see through building walls, the Washington Technology Web site reports.

Camero Inc. an Israeli firm founded by technology and intelligence veterans, received $5 million from Motorola and other investors to develop portable imaging radar that uses ultra-wideband technology to create a 3-D picture of objects that are concealed by walls or other barriers.

And what exactly is this Angel Light? Its a machine with three units..

The main unit, which Hurtubise calls the centrifuge, contains the Angel Light’s brains and includes black, white, red and fluorescent light sources, as well as seven industrial lasers.

The second unit, or the deflector grid, contains a large circle of optical glass, a microwave unit and plasma intermixed with carbon dioxide.

The third unit contains eight plasma light rods, CO2 charges, industrial magnets, 108 mirrors, eight ionization cells industrial lights, and other components Hurtubise chooses to remain tight-lipped about.

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