Pakistani hotels, Toilet rolls and the Islamic way

Here is an interesting plea from a Pakistani reader about the problems of bathrooms in the Pakistani hotels in a “Letter to the Editor” of a major daily newspaper! The issue – is that the hotel bathroom have tissue papers and no water to clean up after the “act”. So he insists that all the Pakistani hotels have water as the preferred means and all the foreigners can carry their own toilet rolls from abroad if they so wish! This apparently he says is the “Islamic way” to clean in the bathroom, or in other words – toilet paper is unIslamic! There are things that religion can and should probably get into – like freeing your mind, meditation and love etc… but cleaning in the toilet??? This is taking things a BIT too far!

More importantly, despite all the strife in the nation going on, do these papers have nothing much to show in their Editorial sections (although I got it from the online version). Journalists the world over it seems have lost their perspective! There are many ways to improve a nation which is in its worst crisis… a change in toilet cleaning mechanisms in the hotels is hardly one of them!!

This is to draw attention to the inexplicable lack of common sense exhibited by leading hotels in Pakistan. I am particularly referring to the absence of muslim showers in the bathrooms. It may seem absurd to read this at first but imagine yourself sitting in the bathroom and after having finished, facing the horror of having to clean up with mere tissues! I really don’t understand why bathrooms are planned in such a manner in Pakistan. All across the world, we do find muslim showers in bathrooms if you are visiting a Muslim country, with, of course, the exception of Pakistan. Why? Are hotels in Pakistan only catering to Westerners? Or are they implementing indirectly that the rates are so high that people from Pakistan cannot afford to live there?

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Finally his remedy:

The hotels can help the paper industry and the environment by removing the rolls of toilet paper from the bathrooms. Let the ‘goras’ carry a roll of toilet paper with them to the bathrooms.


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