The Sham of Communist Autocracy!

West Bengal has a strange bunch of people! It is the area in India which has produced highest number of people who received Nobel Prizes (and some who should have but did not due to discrimination) from India. It has produced people who excelled in science, art, literature, poetry, nationalism, warfare and music! Yet, it is decidedly one of the backwater states of India today! One of the worst states in terms of adding anything much of economic value to the country.

It wasn’t so some decades back. For over 25 years, one person ruled over that state. One party ruled the entire edifice of that area on just ONE slogan – Power to the poor – through Socialism and Communism. Along the way, these people (treacherously) went against the interests of the Indian Union when it was attacked by the external masters of this party…. bankrupted the Public sector plants and factories and made the tax payers from the rest of the India pay for their greed.. to help them make beggars of the employees of those plants.. instead of instilling any confidence and pride in their own workmanship.

Now after over quarter century of socialistic and communistic moorings, the guy who ran this edifice and his successor have changed their band-wagon! Not only was the band-wagon changed, but the incidents at Nandigram say that something that many believed was a pseudo actvism to start with was turned on its head! One community was hunted and killed because of its religion.

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It is the mind-set really. Mind-set of autocracy! Mind-set of power! These people had started this communist revolution with the war cry that common man will have the voice and the kings will be vanquished. Instead, now when you look back you find that instead of old kings new kings were installed!

The power knows no ideology! Power creates more and more hunger and a spiral of carnal desire to subjugate… to hold one’s own word above all else!

Pursuit or claim of Practicing a Virtue is different from BEING VIRTUOUS! Claiming to practicing virtuousity is the claim of a hypocrite. It is a sham! You are either nice or not. You cannot say I will “practice” nicety. Similarly, you either ARE the people (because of which you are WITH the people) or not. You cannot create a system where those in power “will be” with the people!

First it was Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, and now it is the turn of the one guy who messed up the state for over 25 years, Jyoti Basu, to say that Socialism is not relevant or “achieveable”. Instead it will be Capitalism henceforth!

Is it not important now for every follower of these power-hungry autocratic politicians to ask them – Why did you deceive us all these years?? Why was the minds and hearts of common man made to believe in a utopia that you knew was not possible, even not desirable! Otherwise how could you be so blatant in your reversal?

“Socialism is a far cry. Socialism is our political agenda and it was mentioned in our party document but capitalism will continue to be the compulsion for the future.”

…. is all that Basu would say. Far cry!? When you had complete control over a bunch of people.. still it is now a far cry?

Take it or leave it.

Autocracy meanwhile will come to the theater near you in a different garb next week.

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