We are sensitive, Saar – please dont Insult!!

Sahrukha_Sania_BOLLYONE.COM_6_0.jpgWe Indians are sensitive as hell.. and we get disturbed at everything we see. I am often intrigued when someone says that he/she has been “insulted”. So, how does one “know” that one was indeed insulted? Did God came out of His hiding and announce with a nudge – “Well, Son, I am not sure you realized just now.. but were insulted. Therefore, you stand diminshed!”. Is that how it happens?

What we make of what we see, hear, feel is upto us. And we Indians can get hurt from anything! Here is this loony lawyer – Raj Kumar Dubey (most of them are anyways – ok now dont you black coaters get upset) who saw a picture of Sania “watching a match putting her feet right in front of the national flag of India.” That as upsetting to him. So what does he do – after the proverbial announcement from that Old Man with the White beard? He files a law suit in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh with Sania Mirza and Mani Shankar Iyer as the defendants!

Meanwhile, on the other hand, Amitabh Bachchan goes to Golden Temple to pray for his deceased Mother (who was a Sikh lady) and is presented with a Siropa (robe of honour) by the priest there. This joker Simranjit Singh Mann – President of Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) got livid with anger. How Dare someone honour Mr. Bachchan!!? And why this anger, sir? Well, he is a friend of those butchers of Sikhs in 1984 massacres in Delhi – Rajiv Gandhi and Congress!

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True. But with only one issue. The friends are no longer friends! Congress is targeting AB too! They just hate each other. The fallout happened looong back! And friendship was more due to proximity than due to any similarity of views and ideals!

So, now AB is targeted from all sides – by Congress as they hate him, and those who hate Congress because they hate friends of Congress! That can’t make him a happy camper!

Meanwhile we continue to get entangled in every bush we walk past… we are the sensitive ones!

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