What makes Pakistan the "World's Most Dangeours Place"?

economist-pak-cover.jpgFor long now – in fact since its genesis – most Indians have believed this, but it has taken the world (specially the media) 6 decades to figure this out. “Pakistan is the most dangerous country in the world”! says Economist.

Weapons – specially the Nukes – are surely part of the reason – but in my view, it has got to do with the mindsets! When a country’s creation and existence is based on a “Negative” ideology (I am NOT like you, so we cannot live together) then there is little positive that can come out of it.

The “You” and “They” in this negative ideology (which is what “Two Nation Theory” was) can soon have different protagonists. In 1947 it was the Hindus, and thereafter were different people but the same relationship with the “They”. Along these years the “They” in the un-ending Two Nation theory have seen the Mohajirs, the Bengalis, the Ahmediyas, the Civilians, the Elected Leaders…. the roster has changed. But the mindset… the relatiionship with that character called “They” has remained the same. Two Nation theory is still at the VERY HEART of Pakistani existence.

And this is why a country which has exactly the same ingredients as India – except the religion part – has never seen democracy for more than half a decade at a time! Economist suggests that it is probably time to “try democracy” – which to me is nonsensical and naivette at its best!

Can you replicate or force “Love”? Could Ranjha have “taught” Love to another? Democracy is like Love. It is FOR the people, OF the people, and BY the people. The last one “BY the people” is an expression. Expression of love that may not be perfect.. but “Tolerant” nevertheless. The expression that I may not be “like” you, but we can live together! And this is exactly where Pakistan’s BASIC DNA fails! It was formed with the cry – that if you are NOT “like” me, we are “Two Nations”! If I am not “like” you.. we are enemies!

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The presumption of enemity in the face of diversity is a dangerous trait. It is what makes working together with diversity impossible! And that “Circle” where completely disagreeable diversity exists, shortens as the time goes on! Its legitimacy in the eyes of the central character never comes down, though!

Soon, one reaches a point when just “another” human being is enough of a diversity to attack.

We are nothing but our thoughts. When strong and negative expressions in terms of thoughts become the central precept of your existence.. the raison d’etre then they become the existence itself.

Yes, Nukes are devastatingly dangerous to all and yes, the missiles like Ghori – named after a barbarian (the reflection of the negative, as opposed to a positive mindset) – are dangerous. But the Mindsets is what I am most worried about. THAT is what makes Pakistan the “Most Dangerous Country on Earth”!

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