Is US of today where Persia was yesterday?

Like I said earlier in the post, Religion colors everyone’s logic and rationale. Whatever one could see through easily, is lost to him when the extra layer of religion comes through.

I had discussed in this post (Two Millenia of India’s Economic Journey) that the first casualty when a society goes down is the scientific temper. And there is a reason why I have not called it “Science”. In my view, Science like Religion is an ideology. It has its own fundamentalists. People who will go to any length to obfuscate the truth. There have been some brilliant and smart minds in early 20th century who could think out of the box. Today’s materialist scientists can’t think out of the box. They take a line. Jump into a box and join a camp. When you join a side/box/camp, you are no longer independent. Whether its a camp of religion or of scientists. If it is an ideological camp then you are bonded. You cannot agree with some points and disagree with 4 others. You are expected to agree with all! So ends your freedom.

Religion works similarly. There are enough scientists who happen to believe that Bible is their latest physics primer and would not deviate.

Funny thing is Truth is with neither.

Such is the effect of religion in the US, that people are averse to science as a matter of ideology. It does not matter whether they agree with it or not. Whatever the scientists say, they disagree.

There was a time when Persia was very good in science and mathematics. Today the Islamic world is far behind. In fact many in the Islamic world believe that Science is anti-Islamic. It is a natural progression from blind love for Religion to blind hatred for science. See at the survey results below. Do you see in the US of today, the Persia of yesterday? Quite Frankly, I do.

Is nanotechnology morally acceptable? For a significant percentage of Americans, the answer is no, according to a recent survey of Americans’ attitudes about the science of the very small.

Addressing scientists Feb. 15, 2008 at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Dietram Scheufele, a University of Wisconsin-Madison professor of life sciences communication, presented new survey results that show religion exerts far more influence on public views of technology in the United States than in Europe.

“Our data show a much lower percentage of people who agree that nanotechnology is morally acceptable in the U.S. than in Europe,” says Scheufele, an expert on public opinion and science and technology.

Nano technology is being evaluated on the grounds of MORALS? Is something amiss? Its about that same animal called moral values. As if they are any useful (The complete nonsense of religious values)

The moral qualms people of faith express about nanotechnology is not a question of ignorance of the technology, says Scheufele, explaining that survey respondents are well-informed about nanotechnology and its potential benefits.

“They still oppose it,” he says. “They are rejecting it based on religious beliefs. The issue isn’t about informing these people. They are informed.”

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