Increase in teen girl smoking in Pakistan

There are many instances and news out of Pakistan – where the youth, as they break away from the traditional mould go to the other extreme.

A society’s desires are many times not in tune with the overall “pretended” religious sentiment. For example, an Iranian friend told me that the number of parties that he saw in Iran where liquor and women (and pot) is as freely available as it possibly could be; he could never imagine in the US except in Playboy ranch! And all that goes on under police protection! With the right connections of course!

In Pakistan as well one can see these days similar stories coming out. From sale of girls phone numbers to prostitution/phone sex by middle class girls for phone cards worth Rs 300 was brought out here earlier as well (based on links on Pakistani Spectator stories).

Now, there is another story which gives some disturbing trends of smoking adoption in girls in Karachi with an average of 15!!

The Aga Khan University conducted the study and interviewed 644 girls in Karachi. The study showed that 16 per cent of girls have tried smoking by the age of 15, while over six per cent smoked at least once a month by that age.

The percentage of teen girl smokers is higher in Pakistan than most Indian cities or neighboring countries like Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.

From the perspective of women health, this is a serious statistic.

What is the cause of this? For a society that prides in its conservative Islamic values and adherence, it is quite a revealing number. Its not as if the girls are the only ones who are venturing “out”. The guys are out there too. The internet is replete with videos and mentions of vulgar (and porno) mujras in high society Pakistani parties or the internet cafe scandals. Look here and watch this sad story – Prostitution and Police in Pakistan..

Again, the same question that I have asked many times – is religion as an arbitrary code enough to ensure the welfare of a society? Or is the change in a society reflective of inner change? If its the latter, then what does religion have to do with that?? An outward code can not bring inward change!

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  1. Anonymous says

    Thats Pretty scary and sad.

  2. Anonymous says

    Scary and Sad.

    Ghazala Khan

  3. Anonymous says

    I always inquire, to indicate such issues is easy however it is really difficult to pinpoint the reasons why these kind of issues arise? religion or anything else has nothing to do with it, the institution of Family is weakening resultantly paving way for such socially unacceptable things are coming up.. must find ways to mend these things..

  4. rukhsana ambreen says

    kisi ne mera dil tora hei…plz meri help kijeye…mujhe sakoon dejieye

    0313 960 8462

  5. Brian Moore ( Health Care Spec says

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