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Perfidy of Indian Leftists in Bengal: scenes of genocide in Nandigram on video

The note accompanying this movie says this:

This film is based on original video footage of 14 march killings of peasents, in Nandigram, West bengal. CPM, a left party Government is responsible for this. Spacial thanks to Bengali poet Wishwajeet sen for providing this film.

Now, look at how the “patriotic” and “champions of minorities and POOR” take care of the these people. See how the so called “anti-imperialists” do what imperialists and Mao/Hitlet/Stalin do in their worst times and MORE and YET talk hypocritically of their bloated egotistical “contributions!

Can any Bengali please send in a translation of all this into English?

Warning: The images are disturbing. Here police is seen firing and killing hundreds and thousands of people all on camera and then hitting them with stones and lathis! After they are done, they take a few bodies and dump them in a pit!

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  1. What has CPI and CPM done to address that? Who committed that?

    These cliche’s dont help anymore. I will come out with more videos.

    And until now I am letting you write what you want.. but dont misuse this invitation by spamming with articles. Discussion and comments are welcome.. but NOT spamming!! I will delete the SPAM comments you post next time!


    There has been extensive coverage on the stand of the Left parties on the current SEZ policy of the government in these columns. The major areas of our disagreement with the extant policy pertain to nature of the land use, extent of land use, the tax package and the rehabilitation package. The design of the current package of the government has undergone a qualitative change when SEZ rules were framed under the Act and process of approvals which has led to sanctions being given to 237 SEZ proposals.

    This huge number immediately brings to the fore the contrast with China which had successfully executed the SEZ approach to ensure investment and employment generation. The total number of SEZs in China is only 6 and they are concentrated on manufacturing exports by linking these zones to physical infrastructure like port and other transport facilities.

    In India, apart from the already sanctioned 237 SEZs, the Board of Approval gave the ‘in-principle’ approval for another 166 SEZs within less than a year of the promulgation of the SEZ rules. A scan of the number and nature of these SEZs reveal a clear-cut picture of regional and sectoral imbalance. Of the 237 sanctioned SEZ proposals, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamilnadu account for 147 SEZs which is 60 per cent of the total sanctions. Again, 148 out of the 237 SEZs approved so far are in the IT sector. Further, preliminary studies are also revealing a major possibility of real estate activities in many of these proposed and sanctioned SEZs instead of actual manufacturing/processing activities which would have been desirable from employment generation point of view.

    The crux of the difference between the government, on the one hand, and the Left parties, on the other, is on the nature of investment. Unless investments lead to production and employment generation, the stated objective of the SEZ policy will stand defeated. On the other hand, the present situation poses the danger of investment flowing into financial activities which can, at best, heat up the economy without any corresponding employment generation – a classic example of ‘jobless growth’.

    Nandigram in East Midnapur district of West Bengal is one of the seven SEZs sanctioned in West Bengal. The proposed SEZ will develop a mega chemical hub. The choice of this mega chemical hub in the Haldia region is the result of a long exercise undertaken by the government of India where this venue was chosen alongwith four other sites in the country. With the existing petroleum refinery of the IOC, the petrochemical plant at Haldia in the joint sector and the huge facility of Mitsubishi chemicals, this decision to have the mega chemical hub located here was a natural conclusion. Incidentally, the Haldia petrochemicals have led to 700 units in the downstream providing an employment to over 1 lakh people. The government of West Bengal has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Indian Oil Corporation to be an anchor investor for the project, while the Salim group will be the promoter for building the infrastructure. The Salim group will also build a 100 km six-lane expressway bypassing Kolkata and the new township at Rajarhat and Salt Lake, the eastern satellites. The expressway will be a major link and part of the central backbone of the road network in the state linking Darjeeling Hills in the north to the Sagar islands in the south. The expressway will also link to a bridge over Hooghly river which will connect South 24 Parganas and East Midnapur in the Haldia township.

    Beyond this, there has been virtually no other progress towards the Nandigram SEZ. It has to be pointed out that unlike largely real estate-driven activities in the SEZs in other parts of the country, the West Bengal government has maintained and sponsored proposals for SEZs where 50 per cent of the total land will be used for actual industrial-processing activities with major emphasis on employment generation. 25 per cent of the land will be related to social infrastructure of this real economic activity. This position of the West Bengal government is identical to the position taken by the Left at all India level. The proposed SEZ at Nandigram will strictly adhere to this basis.

    These columns have published the statement of the central committee of the CPI(M) describing the actual incidents in Nandigram. It is true that a particular document circulated by the Haldia Development Authority (HDA) had created confusion. The chief minister of West Bengal has categorically stated that no cognisance of that document need to be taken and that no progress on the project will take place until after widest possible consultations are held with elected representatives in the panchayat and the people of the area. As there has been no survey done and consultations held, the question of land acquisition does not arise before these processes take place. People’s Democracy has also editorially commented on the document by HDA. In any case, under the provisions of the Land Acquisition Act, HDA does not have the executive authority to notify acquisition.

    Given these facts, therefore, the situation in Nandigram needs to be brought back to normal. Right now, roads, bridges and culverts remain disrupted with urgent need for repairing them. There is obstruction in doing that. This is putting the entire population in the four gram panchayat where incidents had taken place to great trouble.

    It is only when such normalcy returns that a proper discourse on Nandigram SEZ can take place. There is no doubt that land acquisition will only take place if a credible plan for improving the quality of life and livelihood can be put forth. This is the overall approach of the CPI(M).

    Having stated all these, it is difficult not to comment on the nature of political forces that have come together in Nandigram. This conglomeration with BJP on the extreme right to the various naxalite groups on the extreme left, to put it most mildly, is strange and unprincipled. It is also important to note that distinctions need to be made between legitimate protest and planned violence.

    With passage of time, all the pros and cons of the mega chemical hub project will be discussed and debated. No doubt, the compelling reason for any such project in the state will be premised on the question of employment generation and improving the lot of the poor and disadvantaged sections. As stated earlier, the Left Front had anticipated the need for such a project on the eve of the last elections. Therefore, the Left Front election manifesto had clearly stated: “Industrial parks have been decided to be set up in the task of modernising the traditional labour-intensive industries, and to make them competitive. Parks will be set up for foundry, jute, rubber, garments, textile, iron & steel, chemicals polymer, light engineering, and food” and “A minimum of four big industrial taluka and special economic zones will be set up in the state”.

    It is with this manifesto that the Left Front had approached the electorate in the 2006 assembly elections. And, it is on the basis of such plans for the future that the Left received its massive mandate. Many personalities from different parts of the country who have now taken positions on the principles on which the state government is functioning may not be aware of the electoral commitments of the Left Front nor the nature of the mandate of the people. So far as the specifics of the project are concerned, no doubt, concerns will be addressed.


    The Left Front government in West Bengal has come back to office for the seventh time. This is unprecedented in the history of electoral politics of the country. The principle underlying reason has been the fact that the government has been partisan – partisan towards the poor. Lakhs of acres of land has been redistributed among the rural poor. Thousands of CPI(M) leaders and activists have laid down their lives to achieve the advance and empowerment of the poor in the state. And, it is with their support that the Left Front is trying to improve the overall economic situation in the state and develop industries. It will be foolhardy to assume that the CPI(M) can relinquish the achievements that the peopleof the state have scored.

    There is no conflict between agriculture and industry. But the nature of the industry, the manner in which it takes place is not completely under the control of the state government. In the present age of globalisation, the major direction of neo-liberal policies is aimed at de-industrialisation in third world economies. In the face of this, industrial development, particularly in manufacturing and processing sectors, is, in itself, a struggle against those policies. It is true that private corporate’s way of viewing industries and that of the Left will differ. Marx and Lenin had written a lot on this in the context of Luddites and Narodniks. The working class does not demand the closing down of an industry because it exploits them, they work for changing the nature of the ownership. As communists, we know that socialism is the future, and, therefore, the improvement of the material basis of the economic activities is important. But these struggles cannot overlook the specifics of the immediate context. The struggle for industrialisation in West Bengal will continue without giving up the struggle for consolidating and further improving agriculture in the state. The bottom line is the constant need for improving the conditions of the working people – be they in the rural areas or in cities. And, the lesson of learning from the people will never be forgotten.


    ‘We Are Committed To Making Industrial Progress’

    The following is the full text of the speech made by CPI(M) Polit Bureau member and West Bengal chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee at the function commemorating 40 years of Ganashakti newspaper, held recently in Kolkata.

    TODAY is truly an important day for our Party and for the Left movement. Our Party organ Ganashakti has crossed forty years. At the very beginning, I would like to pay my homage to Comrades Muzaffar Ahmad, Promode Dasgupta, Saroj Mukherjee, and Anil Biswas. We have come through traversing difficult roads, through much blood, sweat, and tears. We have not bowed our heads low. We have kept our head high. The people of the state know that Ganashakti is afraid of neither spirits nor God. Ganashakti is committed to the people. We shall keep our head high for the interest of the people.

    I shall keep my address limited to the discussion that has been held by the Party on the recent developments in agriculture and industry in the country and in the state.

    The Left Front government in Bengal was not built up in a day. Our Front is neither the UPA nor the NDA. The Left Front has been built up through many struggles. We have to go back to the past developments. The two United Front governments of 1967 and 1969 lasted respectively for nine and 13 months. However, the most important event of the state took place then. There were statewide land movements, a strike against landlordism, and land struggle in the fields. We recall with regard Comrade Harekrishna Konar. He was then our Party leader, leader of the Krishak Sabha, and a minister in the government. The struggle organised and brought together the kisans of Bengal. There was a change in the political situation. We recall where the land struggle sent the Congress and with what strength the Left arose. Having achieved this success, we could hold on to it and safeguard it.


    We have consolidated the success of the Left Front government set up in 1977, and we must give it a legal characteristic. Today 78 per cent of the land in Bengal is with the marginal farmers. There is no parallel instance in the whole of the country. There are landlords who own hundreds and thousands of acres of land in Rajasthan, Bihar and in north India. We could organise land reforms through united struggles. We have also been benefited by the results. Not that it has changed the political equation, and the power balance, but it has also brought success to the agricultural system. We are the topmost in the country in the production of paddy and vegetables. The success has been brought in by the struggle of the kisans. The Left Front government has consolidated this success further.

    When in abroad I am asked from time-to-time, what is the secret behind the seven consecutive electoral successes? I tell them, ‘come to Bengal. It is better if you move around the villages during election.’ Election is like a festival to the rural poor in the villages. They know what Left is and what Congress is. This frame of mind cannot be changed. This is our political power. More than the success in increasing paddy production, it is the fact of our having been able to rouse this power.

    Nevertheless, gradually with the passage of time, we have come to realise that how long can we cling on to the successes of the land movement and of the agricultural production. Land is being gradually fragmented. With the death of the father, the land is divided among the successors. Thus, land reforms are coming to halt at one place. Kisans find it difficult to receive remunerative prices. Prices of seeds, fertilisers, and of irrigated water are all going up. Will kisans get the proper prices? The state will see 15 million MT of paddy produced. We shall procure 2.1 million MT of paddy to give support price. Potato crop will be ready, so will be vegetables: will the kisan get the remunerative price? There is an uncertainty.


    68 per cent of the state’s population are engaged in agriculture. This is certainly in excess. Thus, we shall not be able to stand on the agricultural success alone. If we do, we shall not be able to hold on to the success. We have to move forward. We have to transform our economic thinking. That would be to consolidate our agricultural success and go forward towards industrialisation.

    The role of agriculture in the state production is 26 per cent, that of industry 24 per cent, and that of services 50 per cent. Shall we stand only here? Is this the end of history? Can we hold on to our success if we stand here? We think not! We have to consolidate the success in agriculture and go quickly towards industrialisation. There are thousands of men and women in need of jobs in towns and villages. There is a surplus manpower in agriculture. There would no new employment created if we do not go in for industrialisation.

    The question that would come in on the issue of setting up industries is where shall the industries be set up? There is 62 per cent of agricultural land in our state. The opposition talk about fallow land for factories. The land where there is no cropping in this state is a mere one per cent while there is 17 per cent fallow land in the country. The state has 13 per cent forest cover where interference neither will be nor ought to be possible. The rest 24 per cent comprises townships and industries. Shall we stand here at one place with 62 per cent agricultural land and 24 per cent urban and industrial land? Do we not want new cities and industries? From agriculture to industry, from villages to cities — this is civilisation. We Marxists never deny this aim. We too want this to happen.

    There is 62 per cent agricultural land in the state. The total area is 5.4 million hectares or 13.5 million acres. Agricultural land would have to be utilised if we want to set up industries. The attempt should be to use as little fertile land as possible. The self-dependence on food that we have achieved must be maintained. The rice we eat is produced in this state. We must not lag behind in pisciculture, and in the production of vegetables. If we say that we would not venture into agricultural land, the history of Bengal will end here and now. History never stands still. If we stand in one place, history will never absolve us. Go forward we must.

    Many of you have heard what the opposition have to say about Singur. You know about Singur that this car manufacturing unit was to have been set up in Uttaranchal. After the project was brought over here, and after having a look at several potential places, it has been decided to set up the factory at Singur. Some amount of agricultural land is being needed. What is the basic issue? What is the price of the agricultural crop produced in those land plots, and how many are the man-days created, and how many man-days will be created once the factory starts production, and what will be the price generated? This is the yardstick. The factory of the future will produce many more man-days than the agricultural economy of the present. This is something our opposition would not realise and understand. They would not understand the basics of economics because they want to oppose for the sake of opposition.


    That 68 per cent of the population is yet involved with agriculture is a sign of backwardness of the society. We must rise above this. However, we have to do this by maintaining balance. What we lose, and what we gain —this must be considered. We must try to provide the maximum amount of price for the land he loses and the maximum possible rehabilitation. They are happy at the compensation they have received at Singur. Nine lakh of rupees for a single crop land per acre, and 12 lakh of rupees of a double-crop land per acre — this is a rate that has never been given or shall be given anywhere in the country. However, what do we do on the question of rehabilitation? There are so many people who are dependent on land at Singur, and how many of them can be provided employment at Singur, directly or indirectly, and ensure that their income goes up?

    A survey work that is going on is almost completed. It is being seen how many are involved with the agricultural economy at Singur, what are the levels of income of small landholders, recorded and unrecorded bargadars, khet mazdoors, rickshaw van pullers, and of the people of every level, and how to bring in a section of them directly through providing training in factories. It is not easy to become a worker from having been a peasant —but this is progress. The main factory will stand on 700 acres of land. There would ancillary industries in 300 acres.

    Many would receive hands-on training for employment. Many new jobs will be created in the factory. Those who do not have the opportunity to receive hands-on employment in the factory will find jobs in the economic activities that shall commence in the surrounding area including in the shops and establishments that would grow up. It is the moral responsibility of the state government to see that every person in the area where land has been taken over is employed.

    ON SEZs

    There has been much publicity given to Singur. You have heard from Comrade Prakash Karat regarding our standpoint on SEZs. On December 9, I said during discussion with the prime minister at a meeting of the NDC that there are hundreds of SEZs being set in the country, why so many. China started with six. We have already exceeded 300. The government of India must think and decide on where and how many SEZs should be set up in such sectors as iron-and-steel, petrochemical, shipping, and basic industries. In Bengal, we have thought about the Haldia Petrochemicals where we see a possibility.

    However, SEZs are not for the business of real estates. SEZs are for industries. Thus, 50 per cent of the area must be kept aside for factories. There should be such social infrastructure for the employees like schools, residential blocks, hospitals, and playing grounds. The question here is if there are SEZs set up all over the country, must we not set up SEZs here too. Shall we not move forward? Thus, we have plans to set up SEZs in a measured way. There would be a chemical hub. There would be an electronics complex in north Bengal. There are four-five proposals pending with us. We would not go beyond this. The SEZs would see industrial work alone.

    What Bengal needs most today is manufacturing industries. We have emphasised on iron-and-steel, chemicals, petrochemicals, leather, cement, engineering, and other industries. We are attaching importance to small and medium industries because there would be more employment generated. However, this is the 21st century. Manufacturing industries alone would not do here. We additionally need knowledge-based industry. If such knowledge-based industries as information-technology and bio-technology lag behind, we shall fall behind as well. We have started out on information technology late in the state. However, the rate of progress that we have chalked up is greater than that at the national level. The new generation of the state will hold aloft the torch of the 21st century. We can change the look of the state with the help of these human resources. That is why big concerns evince interest in information technology and bio-technology in our state. We have stressed on manufacturing industries but we do not belittle knowledge-based industries.

    Certainly, there is need for improved infrastructure for industries. We need lots of big roads and bridges. We require sea ports and new airports. We cannot avoid the West, but East has brought before us many possibilities. The new policy of the government of India is ‘Look East.’ Japan and China are coming. China is setting up a big thermal power-plant at Sagardighi. Singapore and Indonesia are coming. If want to work with East and South-East Asia, we shall need more ports, and more airports. The Dumdum airport is proving insufficient, we need a new airport. We need many high-standard roads. We need road connectivity in all the industrial centres. We need roads linking up north with south Bengal, Kolkata with Haldia, Kolkata, with Kalyani, and Kolkata and Uluberia. Why is China in a position to attract so much foreign investment? This is because they have been able to set up huge infrastructural facilities. India lags quite a way behind.

    Thus, we have to preserve the success of the long peasants’ movement, consolidate the success emanating out of it, and go in for industrialisation on its basis. That is our future. Thousands upon thousands of young men and women looking for employment look to us: they will build this century. We are committed to the people who have supported us and have put us to office. The trust they have reposed in us must be honoured. We have to do whatever it is possible for us to do. With this pledge, and with best wishes to you all, I end my address.


    THE violence and mayhem at Nandigram in Midnapore district of West Bengal for a few days beginning January 3 has some dangerous features that need to be noted. The accompanying note details the actual account of how these incidents occurred.

    However, before noting these disturbing features, let us set the record straight on the issue of acquisition of agricultural land in Nandigram. The state government has not issued any notification for any acquisition of land in this area. Confusion was created by some information given by the Haldia Development Authority in this regard. This authority, in fact, has no authority on question of land acquisition. On this score, it is only the state government which has the authority under the Land Acquisition Act. Thus, unlike in Singur, no orders were served and no notice was issued in Nandigram. Any transgression by the Haldia Development Authority on this score must merit a proper examination by the state government.

    Having said this, it needs to be once again underlined that the CPI(M) both at the all India level and in West Bengal has been insisting that any acquisition of land for industrialisation needs to be undertaken both in a transparent manner and in consultations with those who would be affected. We had articulated these views in these columns on recent occasions while highlighting the fact that the compensation package offered by the West Bengal government in Singur has been the most comprehensive, exemplary and the best compared to anywhere else in the country.

    Notwithstanding this, an important feature of the recent developments in Nandigram points towards an attempt to chillingly recreate the violence and mayhem spearheaded by the Trinamool Congress in Keshpur and Garbeta some years ago. By terrorising villagers through the spread of murderous clashes, an attempt was sought to be made to gain public acceptance through terror. Similar attempts were made in Singur and, now, in Nandigram. Having been routed in the recent assembly elections, if these are the methods that the opponents of the Left Front in Bengal are going to adopt to stage a political comeback, then this constitutes a political onslaught against the Left Front government. As in the past, such a political onslaught would be met politically in order to advance the cause of the welfare of the people of Bengal.

    A second feature is the fact that the ground level mobilisation at Nandigram has attracted, indeed, the strangest of political bedfellows. From the BJP to the Jamaat, the Congress led by the Trinamool and a motley crowd of ultra-Left groups of all varieties have all converged alongwith many an NGO. The only issue that can bind such a combination is a political anti-CPI(M), anti-Left predisposition.

    Thirdly, many of these political parties who are now expressing their so-called concern for the farmers are the very same ones who champion and adopt policies of economic liberalisation that apart from everything else is responsible for acute agrarian distress that our country is facing. The Trinamool Congress served in the NDA government led by the BJP which presided over the implementation of such anti-people policies. The Congress today heads the UPA coalition which is reluctant to implement its own promises in the Common Minimum Programme related to improving the lot of agriculture and two-thirds of India that lived off it. It is this very UPA government which is yet to accept the changes suggested by the CPI(M) to protect the farmers and agricultural land from being indiscriminately acquired under the new SEZ law. Yet, in Bengal, they all unite! Further, these were the very parties that vehemently opposed the land reforms and Operation Barga launched by the CPI(M)-led Left Front government. Yet, today, they claim to be espousing the interests of the farmers. Clearly, this anti-CPI(M) unity emerges not on any principles or policies. It is political expediency at its worst.

    The bedrock of the Left Front government’s success in West Bengal has been the implementation of land reforms and the legal recording of the sharecroppers. While this has produced the desired results of increased productivity and agricultural output, the future improvement in the living standards of the people in Bengal is critically dependent on an accelerated pace of industrialisation and consequent generation of employment. Surely, the CPI(M) given its commitment and performance cannot allow this process of industrialisation to take place in such a way as to erode the gains made by land reforms. On the contrary, Bengal’s future economic development can only be based on the foundations of its past successes. A right balance needs to be struck and this is what the CPI(M) and the Left Front is seeking to do in consultations with the grassroot level institutions like the panchayats and the affected people in a transparent manner.

    As noted earlier, with regard to the Singur developments, the number of people who were given compensation was around 12,000 for a land area of less than 1000 acres. Even if we were to separate the landowners from the sharecroppers and other non-land owners who received compensation then there were at least, on an average, 10 owners in one acre of land. Clearly, in reality, some of these would club their land to be tilled and harvested by a few while others would be seeking to augment their incomes for survival outside of agriculture. Under these circumstances, a handsome compensation package alongwith free training and imparting of skills for a guaranteed future employment and livelihood would give them a better quality of life. It is precisely this that the CPI(M) led Left Front government in Bengal is seeking to do. And, it is for this precise reason that it is not in favour of allowing the industrialists to directly negotiate with the farmers for acquiring land. Experience has shown that under such circumstances, the farmers are least protected and vulnerable to the pressures of the unscrupulous middlemen and the mafia that are often employed to alienate the farmer from his land. Further, under such circumstances, there is no scope for a guaranteed alternative livelihood. A pro-people government like the Left Front government in Bengal needs to intervene to ensure that the welfare of the people dependent on such lands is not undermined.

    Such being the case, the CPI(M)-led Left Front government’s efforts to enhance the prosperity of the people in Bengal will necessarily have to be based on a transparent manner of land acquisition for industrialisation in consultation with those affected. If there is a need for fine tuning on this score, that needs to be undertaken, while the political onslaught launched by the anti-Communist and anti-Left forces must be squarely met. There are many political signboards in Bengal who thrive by propagating that no industrialisation is possible under the Left Front rule. The Congress, the Trinamool, the BJP –– have all used this as an important plank for their political survival. If, however, industrialisation is proceeding apace under the Left Front, the shops of many of these parties may well loose their business!

  5. What has CPI and CPM done to address that? Who committed that?

    These cliche’s dont help anymore. I will come out with more videos.

    And until now I am letting you write what you want.. but dont misuse this invitation by spamming with articles. Discussion and comments are welcome.. but NOT spamming!! I will delete the SPAM comments you post next time!

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  7. How are you ?
    The interesting name of a site –
    I yesterday 1 hours
    has spent to the Internet So I have found your site 🙂
    The interesting site but does not suffice several sections!
    However this section is very necessary!
    Necessarily I shall advise your site to the friends!
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    o Активное участие пользователей и четкого понимания
    Данные пользователей требований.
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    проектные решения
    организационно —
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    Выявления потребностей
    Рисунок 2. User-Centered процесс проектирования (EN ISO 13 407, 1999, стр. 10.).
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    Последним шагом в цикле для оценки продукта с учетом требований
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    6. Эмоциональные переживания
    7. Безопасность условий

    №1. Реальность условий ради обеспечения реального опыта – это значит создание учебных условий во пора ПБТ максимально приближенных к реальным рабочим. В противном случае показываемые результаты на занятиях окажутся недалекими к нулевым показателям. Это убедительно подтверждает эксперимент, произведенный известным военным психологом М.П. Коробейником. Во время обучения молодых бойцов стрельбе из винтовки, были вначале поставлены следующие условия при каждом упражнении: количество выстрелов ограничено, пора не ограничено. Молодые ребята, старательно производили каждый выстрел, результаты уверенно росли. После десяти, проведенных упражнений, условия по времени ограничили 30 секундами. Первая же стрельба по мишеням была сорвана, но по прошествии некоторого времени в новых условиях результаты стали улучшаться и даже превзошли первоначальные. После того, как будто прошли еще десять упражнений условия по времени снова изменили вплоть до 20 секунд,
    и опять наблюдалась уже привычная картина: первая же стрельба в уже других новых условиях – сорвалась, но потом результаты сначала поднялись до предшествующих показателей, а потом их превзошли. [url=…]платный хостинг Хостинг тоест хозяин[/url]

  18. Программы <личностного роста>. ежели ранее на рынке бизнес-[url=]баннер[/url]ов наиболее востребованы были корпоративные заказы, то сейчас увеличивается количество желающих приобрести [url=]баннер[/url] ради себя. Как положение, это программы <личностного роста>, рассчитанные на частных лиц. <Для некоторых клиентов это шанс получить более высокооплачиваемую должность>, – говорит Гульн
    ара Садыкова.
    Ирина Макарова рассказывает, что тенденция увеличения спроса на [url=]баннер[/url]и <личностного роста> пришла из столицы. <В Москве все большей популярностью пользуются именно такие [url=]баннер[/url]и, причем достаточно своеобразные, скажем, <Женщина в бизнесе>, <Как стать стервой>, <Как выйти замуж>…
    [url=]баннер[/url]и делового общения. По словам Романа Гурамишвили, стабильно высоким интересом пользуются [url=]баннер[/url]и делового общения. Они востребованы среди менеджеров. Такие умения, как будто проведение совещаний, встреч, презентаций, построение эффективной коммуникации внутри подразделения и компании в целом, предоставление понятной информации, обязательные ради каждого менеджера.
    Как признают участники рынка, самой востребованной по-прежнему остается тема продаж. Это и <техники продаж>, и переговоры с клиентами, и отдельные [url=]баннер[/url]и по работе с возражениями клиентов, и корпоративная этика: Последнее пора множество компаний стали хорошо сбывать [url=]баннер[/url]и по мотивации персонала и командообразованию (так называемый teambuilding).
    Если разговаривать никак не про корпоративные, а открытые [url=]баннер[/url]и, то это лидерство и коммуникации, например, ораторское художество либо полемика, а также психологические [url=]баннер[/url]и, скажем, нейролингвистическое программирование. Веревочный Курс – это активный [url=]баннер[/url] об отношениях и взаимодействии между людьми, об методах и способах достижения цели. Это необычные ситуации, риск, азарт и новые ощущения.
    Уважаемые господа! Мы предлагаем Вам по-новому взглянуть на организацию и проведение выездного корпоративного мероприятия ради сотрудников Вашей компании.
    Если ваши сотрудники засиделись в кабинетах, и вы хотите встряхнуть людей, если творческий потенциал группы снизился, если нужно познакомить и сблизить структурные подразделения, дать им <чувство локтя>, уменьшить дистанцию между начальниками и подчиненными, а также подкрепить свою команду духом сотрудничества, коллективизма и победы, вам стоит подумать об веревочном [url=]баннер[/url]е.
    Мы представляем Вам программу, гармонично сочетающую в себе традиционные формы отдыха (спортивные игры, шашлыки) и эффективный [url=]баннер[/url] командного взаимодействия <Веревочный курс>. Гарантируем занимательный отдых, незабываемые впечатления, а схоже сплочение команды, повышение обоюдного доверия промеж членами коллектива, приобретение и совершенствование навыков работы в команде

  19. №6. Эмоциональные переживания – это значит, события во время ПБТ предельно насыщены эмоциональными моментами. Хорошо известно, что в случае событие сопровождается сильной эмоцией (потрясением), то таковое запоминается четко и надолго. Об этом же говорит и проведенный эксперимент с женщиной, которая обладала амнезией памяти. Во время утреннего осмотра, она каждое утро спрашивала доктора, кто он и как его зовут, и доктор прктически всегда приветствуя ее, протягивал ей руку и отвечал на ее вопросы. но однажды в очередной осмотр, он по обыкновению, одновременно, называя свою должность и свое название, протянул ей руку для приветствия и когда женщина, прикоснулась своей, то доктор нежданно пропустил известный электрический заряд никак не опасный для жизни, но достаточно чувствительный дабы она резко одернула свою руку. И на следующее утро она схоже задала знакомые ему вопросы и он, отвечая на них, точно похоже протянул ей руку для приветствия, женщина в ответ протянула свою, но в момент, когда уже оставались считанные миллиметры, она резко одернула свою руку, так и не пожав руку доктору. Эксперимент говорит о том, что эмоциональная память очень сильно фиксирует события, дословно непосредственно на телесном уровне и очень важно для тренеров уметь правильно использовать этот фактор, предпочтительно создавая позитивные ощущения у обучающихся.
    №7. Безопасность условий – это значит, создание таких учебных условий во пора ПБТ, в каком месте существует возможность совершать ошибки без каких-либо последствий либо отсутствия результатов. Результат во время самых первых тренировочных шагов неважен, важно другое четко простроить последовательность действий, акцентируя забота на новом опыте (сделать либо поступить так, как будто ни в жизнь еще не делал). Из подобной позиции исходил Нил Рекхэм, внедряя популярную технологию СПИНа (метод продаж крупным клиентам) в корпоративном формате. В данном случае гордо не подорвать вера, а значит и мотивацию к развитию новых стратегий поведения. Ведь как будто сейчас получается, сообщник пробует самостоятельно применить новоиспеченный навык во время, например, каких-нибудь значимых переговоров и, конечно же, выглядит неуклюже, неумело, а если еще в результате сорвется сделка, то возможно самое простое, что он скажет <Это не работает!> и ему станет трудно объяснить, почему у него не получилось. Поэтому будет весьма хорошо его предупредить, что лучше тренироваться на <кошечках>, на незначительных, случайных клиентах, но еще ценнее создать такие условия, в каком месте он будет иметь возможность получить эмоциональную поддержку и квалифицированные подсказки по ходу процесса выполнения упражнений. Ведь никак не бесплатно говорят: <Каждому овощу – свое время либо дорога ложка к обеду>.
    Какие некоторые из основных видов [url=]Регистрация фирм ООО регистрация предприятий[/url]ов предпочитают называть Полевыми?
    1. Полевые [url=]Регистрация фирм ООО регистрация предприятий[/url]и личностного роста
    2. Полевые [url=]Регистрация фирм ООО[/url]и по командообразованию
    3. Полевые [url=]Регистрация ООО[/url]и активных знакомств
    4. Полевые [url=]регистрация предприятий[/url]и для торговых представителей
    5. Полевые [url=]регистрация предприятий[/url]и в форме персонального тренерства (коучинга)
    Полевой [url=]Регистрация фирм ООО регистрация предприятий[/url] (ПТ) личностного роста – как положение, этот [url=]регистрация предприятий ООО фирм[/url] направлен на развитие внутренних качеств иногда с некоторым акцентом на тренировку необходимых навыков.
    Комментарии. Преподносится под разными названиями, начиная от <искусство влияния> вплоть до <Успеха в жизни>. Соотношение между полевыми и аудиторными условиями в среднем 15/85%. Преимущественно даются упражнения на преодоление различных видов страхов. данный [url=]Регистрация ООО[/url] хорош ради психологической <растяжки>, переосмысления жизненных ценностей, правил и поиска внутренних сил (ресурсов). Побочным эффектом могут быть различные степени ухода из реальности (неадекватность восприятия окружающего мира) будь-то идеализация (<розовые очки>) или другая крайность – озлобленность (негативизм).
    ПТ по командообразованию – как будто пол

    ожение, этот [url=]Регистрация фирм ООО регистрация предприятий[/url] направлен на развитие психологической устойчивости и умение согласованно и эффективно работать в коллективе.
    Комментарии. похожий [url=]регистрация предприятий[/url] (веревочный курс) проходит в прямом смысле этого слова в полевых условиях, т.е. с выездом на загородную базу специально-оборудованную площадку. Участники выполняют различные упражнения, чаще всего на чувство сплоченности внутри команды, а похоже под наблюдением инструкторов выполняют задания на внутреннее раскрепощение, все это сочетая с активным отдыхом. Отработка конкретных коммуникативных и многих других навыков не входит в формат данного [url=]Регистрация фирм ООО[/url]а.
    ПТ активных знакомств – как будто положение, такой [url=]Регистрация ООО[/url] направлен на закалку и развитие внутренних качеств, способностей и умений в контексте межличностной коммуникации с противоположным полом.
    Комментарии. этот вид [url=]Регистрация фирм ООО регистрация предприятий[/url]а имеет одиозную и неоднозначную репутацию среди общества. В основе такого [url=]Регистрация фирм ООО регистрация предприятий[/url]а лежит стремление технологичным языком передать эксперимент людей, добившихся успеха на этом поприще. Соотношение промеж полевыми и аудиторными условиями в среднем 60/40%. В зависимости от <школы> провозглашаются различные ценности, а поэтому и стили от жесткого и <циничного> (пикап) вплоть до мягкого и <альтруистичного>. Истина, если она весь есть, наверняка где-то посередине. если глядеть с точки зрения эффективности обучения конкретным навыкам, то многие из методов и технологий доказали свою практическую состоятельность.

  20. В связи с тем, что самый актуальный за последние несколько лет запрос на обучение – [url=]курсы web дизайн[/url] продаж, и приходилось мне их создавать в огромном количестве ради различных компаний (издательство, природн
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    1) Понятие <Продажа>
    Большинство сотрудников отдела продаж никак не разделяют понятия <продажа> и <переговоры>,в связи с чем при первой же демонстрации продажи на [url=]курсы web дизайн[/url]е в ролевой игре начинают торговаться с новым, подчеркиваю, НОВЫМ клиентом, совершенно никак не заинтересовав его предварительно в своем товаре либо услуге, т.е. не продав. И удивляются, почему в итоге клиент никак не идет на уступки, никак не понимает полезность Вашего предложения, отказывается сотрудничать общий: да потому что раненько вести переговоры, необходимо сначала продать. Поэтому для начала необходимо разобраться в понятиях и разделить <[url=]курсы web дизайн[/url] продаж> и <[url=]курсы web дизайн[/url] переговоров>
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    Переговоры – обсуждение чего-либо с целью выяснения интересов сторон и заключения соглашения.
    Сначала <продажа>, итогом которой станет принципиальное согласие клиента работать, принципиальная заинтересованность в Вашем предложении, а после этого уже обсуждайте конкретные условия, т.е. ведите переговоры
    2) Структура [url=]курсы web дизайн[/url]а продаж
    [url=]Компьютерные курс[/url]и продаж имеют общую структуру, которая базируется на ряде этапов
    Этапы продаж:
    Подготовка к продаже
    Установление контакта
    Выяснение и подтверждение потребностей
    Презентация выгод
    Работа с реакциями
    Подтверждение интереса
    Этапность продажи позволяет нам структурировать [url=]курсы web дизайн[/url]. В классическом варианте Вы не найдете этап <работа с реакциями>. Как правило, он называется работа с возражениями, однако после презентации кроме возражений могут возникнуть вопросы, либо прямое согласие, в конце концов. И согласие тоже станет реакцией, и нам также необходимо научиться с ней работать, а не сходить с ума от восторга, услышав заветное <ДА!> от клиента. Клиент в данные минуты особенно восприимчив и нуждается в нашей поддержке. Поэтому для лучшего понимания наших действий я называю этот этап <работа с реакциями>
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    3) Составляющие этапов
    Этап <Подготовка> – каждому продавцу, неважно работает он в рознице или занимается оптовой торговлей, гордо подготовиться информационно, технически и психологически. Информационная подготовка включает знание продуктов и услуг, преимуществ по сравнению с конкурентами, информацию о клиенте (даже если ты продавец-консультант в магазине – прежде чем подойти, послушай, об чем разговаривают покупатели в магазине, какие товары они разглядывают дольше, на что обращают внимания, когда берут в руки товар). Техническая подготовка включает все технические инструменты, которые помогают нам повысить эффективность процесса коммуникации с клиентом – видный вид (одежда, аксессуары), презентация, рекламные материалы и др. Психологическая подготовка – наш настрой.
    В рамках этапа <Установление контакта> как положение, рассматриваются две составляющие – невербальная

    (мимика, жесты, поза и т.д.) и вербальная (слова).
    Поскольку особое место на этапе установления контакта занимают первые 30-60 сек. общения, то время, за которое у клиента формируется первое впечатление ( 55% – по мимике и жестам, 38% – по голосовым характеристикам и только на 5% – по словам), огромное значение приобретает проработка невербальных составляющих. только далее, безусловно, наложенный алгоритм – первые фразы клиенту, представление себя и компании, обозначение цели и т.д. тут уже включается специфика каждой отдельной компании.
    Этап <Выяснения и подтверждение потребностей> никак не обходится без изучения типов вопросов по форме – открытых/закрытых/альтернативных – и в ряде случаев, в какое время мы имеем занятие с внушительными продажами – техника СПИН – вопросы по цели – ситуационные/проблемные/извлекающие/наводящие (Н. Рекхэм). Как показывает практика, менеджеры (особенно новички) не умеют задавать открытые вопросы, а пытаются поиграть в <бабку-гадалку>, отгадывая ситуацию клиента с помощью закрытых вопросов ( а может существовать так:? А, наверно, Вы работаете так:?)..Поэтому на [url=]курсы web дизайн[/url]е оценивается эффективность вопросов каждого типа с точки зрения сбора информации о клиенте, рассматриваются вопросы с т.з. полезности применения в коммуникации.
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