Poor to blame for rising food prices: Bush and Condi Rice

Why are the food prices rising? According to the clueless Bush administration it is because the poor have started eating more. He and Condi Rice do not or cannot attribute it to the tons and tons of grain that is dumped in sea by countries like US or by the excess of meat eating everywhere in the Western world – which takes in more grain food and gives out eatable food (meat) in much lesser quantity! A third of all meat that is consumed in the world is by the US.

The food prices in the world are a problem because of the nonsensical energy policies of the world governments. As a knee jerk reaction to the political hot potato of Oil & Gas imports, the administration went to ethanol propagation which is hurting the food prices in turn!

But then blaming the poor in India and China for being responsible for higher food prices follows a familiar pattern of the rich having these divine right of consuming and messing what they feel like. When the poor just as much stand up, it creates an issue!

Of course no body in India is taking that very politely. But even these holier-than-thou politicians don’t do much for the country any ways!

Desh Kapoor

The panache of a writer is proven by the creative pen he uses to transform the most mundane topic into a thrilling story. Desh – the author, critic and analyst uses the power of his pen to create thought-provoking pieces from ordinary topics of discussion. He writes on myriad interesting themes. Read the articles to know more about his views and “drishtikone”.

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2 thoughts on “Poor to blame for rising food prices: Bush and Condi Rice”

  1. All is game for oil, telling you,… no biofeuls and no corns crops for feuls… it is all oil..

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