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After a fortnight of uncertainty the UPA Government, hiked the price of petroleum products. As if the woes of escalated petroleum prices are not sufficient, the Left had organized a week long protests against petroleum price hike. Already many flights and trains have been cancelled in and out of Kolkata. It is easier to sit in the back seat and give directions to the driver, than driving an automobile. If the left is so convinced that the petroleum price hike is unjustified, in spite of spiralling international crude price, they have the clout in Parliament and can withdraw support. Without their support UPA can’t be in the seat. Alternatively they can suggest to the petroleum ministry the ways and means to check the retails price of petroleum and still can earn profit.

Instead they have taken the protests to the street, inconveniencing the already harassed public, harassed by high inflation, tumbling share prices, low return on investments etc. The week long bandh and protests are carried out in spite of the courts declaring these as illegal and the parties concerned should compensate for the loss arising out of it. The comments made by Mr.Cho Ramasamy, sometime aback about Leftists in India are pertinent. WHEN THE LEFT HAS A FUTURE IN INDIA, INDIA HAS NO FUTURE LEFT.

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