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July 23, 2008

Drishtikone stats: July 2008

Want to know the stats of this site? Here is table of stats which shows that no. of visits are now in the range of 30k, the hits are around 350k, and some 10,000 unique visitors visit Drishtikone monthly.

Three useful web sites

Today, three more technology sites that I found to be pretty useful. DimDim: It is an open source web conferencing software and is available as a hosted option as well with different pricing alternatives. I like one feature - no need to…

Aryan Invasion Theory: the myth cant die?

There is yet another discussion going on at another blog - Shunya - on the so-called Aryan-Invasion Theory. It is interesting the way Namit, the author of the post characteristizes different protagonists in the discussion. Subhash Kak (head…

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