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Completeness of Experiencing: Good with the Bad

In order to fully appreciate beautiful sunny days, once in a while, we'll have some rainy days in our lives.

What must be done not to be influence by our daily exposure to too many negative reinforcement messages? To equal the balance we have to do our best to bring to mind many wonderful and magical moments by which we enjoyed them very much, so we exclaimed "Ah!"

Let's be honest about our society. It sells much more bad news, than good news. This is an undeniable fact. So, let's start creating the habit of, experiencing, once more to use all our very pleasant memories.

I have a personal saying: "Every day live with an attitude of gratitude". Try to be thankful for everything! Starting to thank the God of your heart, the God of your understanding, then be thankful to your family, but express them your sincere gratitude to all of them, then to your coworkers, to young and old people. Convince them by smiling at them, not only with your mouth, but with your eyes. Keep in mind that the eyes are the windows of the soul. Below is a short list of some Ah! Those wonderful moments you have experience in the past. I wrote these expressions being a man, so if you're a woman reading this you can add more feeling to all these expression, and yes, you can change some expressions, the main idea here, is that you really get involved.

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Drishtikone stats: July 2008

Want to know the stats of this site? Here is table of stats which shows that no. of visits are now in the range of 30k, the hits are around 350k, and some 10,000 unique visitors visit Drishtikone monthly.

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Three useful web sites

Today, three more technology sites that I found to be pretty useful.

DimDim: It is an open source web conferencing software and is available as a hosted option as well with different pricing alternatives. I like one feature - no need to install anything to get onto the web conferencing. It set of features include:

- No Install to join meetings
- Easy Share your Desktop
- Audio & Video Conferencing
- Present PowerPoint and PDFs
- Private & Public Chat
- Whiteboard & Annotations
- Open Source and APIs

Spreed: This is another webconferencing option with a free pricing alternative. It is not open source, but it seems to have similar features as dimdim, although dimdim's free service supports 20 people vs 3 in spreed.

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Indian politicians – Role Models for Prostitutes in the world

A guy sees a hot looking female. He goes up to her and asks her "Will you sleep with me for a million dollars?" She says "Sure!". Ok, so the guy says, "How about for $100?". The female gets really angry and shouts "What do you think I am? A Prostitute?". The guy calmly replies "I have already established that Ma'am, now I am just haggling for the right price!"

Interesting joke. Now look at these two interview replies from the same person (Asaduddin Owaisi, a British-trained barrister - the public face of the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen - elected from Hyderabad):

Why has the MIM decided to support the UPA government?

For us the deal is not the immediate concern. Our top priority is to stop the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) and L K Advani from coming to power as they pose an immediate threat to the secular polity of the country and to the life, identity and development of Muslims.

While voting tomorrow my immediate concern will be how to stop L K Advani from becoming the prime minister of this great nation as he is an accused in the Babri Masjid demolition criminal case. On the nuclear deal we have already conveyed our reservations and concerns to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi.

Oh my, his heart really beats for the Indian Muslims doesn't it? Look at how opposed he is to those enemies of Muslims, which is why he voted for the deal. Right? His so very principled stand makes so much sense doesn't it? Hmm... now another question in the same interview:

Accusations are flying thick and fast that individual MPs are being lured by offering crores of rupees to support the UPA. What you have been offered?

I am not so cheap to be sold for Rs 25 crore. The MIM has been given Rs 5,000 crore. I am not kidding. The prime minister has promised to look into our demand for the implementation of the Fatimi committee report on the Sachar committee findings. Under this four centres of the Aligarh Muslim University and Maulana Azad National Urdu university will be set up and it will be a great boon to uplift Muslims educationally. The committee has also made many other recommendations.

Does his reply sound like deja vu? Now, for the life of me, where the heck could I have read something like this before? ;-)

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What does Indo-US Nuclear deal mean outside of India?

I had said in my last post that the ramifications of this UPA vote victory will reach far and wide.

US is getting ready to hit the Taliban and the Al Qaeda who are within Pakistan. So the US has already bombed areas within that country. It is not the last time that this will happen. The prize is not the Taliban or Osama Bin Laden. The prize are Pakistan's nukes. There were five countries who have the nukes - confirmed - outside of the current nuclear powers - Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Israel and India. In the last few months, North Korea has been forced to roll back its program, Iran has been put on the defensive (Europe and even Russia is chipping in). Israel was never a threat to the West. That leaves - Pakistan and India. Now, both entered - or rather jumped into the Nuke club - together. So, the arguments against Pakistan's nukes also work against India. Asking Pakistan to roll all that back or neutralize them would not be that easy. Will it?

But what if India is suddenly taken out of the equation?

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Indo-US Nuclear Deal – UPA wins the confidence vote

So, UPA has finally won the confidence vote and the US-India Nuclear deal will go through. UPA won 275 votes, opposition got 256 and 11 abstained.

This victory will create a mess for many. Prakash Karat of CPI -M has lost face and probably a lot of his political future. Somnath Chaterjee is a winner in this by not taking the side of his party - and using this opportunity to cut down Karat short and making a useful future for himself in the coming months and year. There may be another break up in CPI-M, pro and anti-Karat camps, which should be interesting configuration in the coming elections. One faction may well side with UPA and the other will be the party spoiler (and so waiting to make some money).

BJP may have also lost some of its future power.. surely some of the flock didn't go along the opportunistic stand taken by party this time. It was shameful on how they behaved. Given the political experience and sagacity, this is the last thing Advani should have gone along with.

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Aryan Invasion Theory: the myth cant die?

There is yet another discussion going on at another blog - Shunya - on the so-called Aryan-Invasion Theory. It is interesting the way Namit, the author of the post characteristizes different protagonists in the discussion. Subhash Kak (head of Computer Science at Oklahoma State Univ) is introduced as a "revisionist" and Witzel, who wrote some controversial papers on this theory is introduced as a person who has written "brilliant papers".

That introduction itself set me off to begin with. The discussion is as partisan thereafter as the intro was. There is a lady who is certainly un-educated in the Vedas - tries to discuss how "Siva, Ram and Krishna" never originated in the Vedas. Hmm, as far as I know Shiva (Rudra), Brahma (Prajapati) and Vishnu are mentioned in the Vedas so I found it very facetious in the way this entire discussion is usually handled. For example on Shiva:

A god named Rudra is mentioned in the Rig Veda. The name Rudra is still used as a name for Shiva. In RV 2.33 he is described as the "Father of the Maruts", a group of storm gods. Furthermore, the Rudram, one of the most sacred hymns of Hinduism found both in the Rig and the Yajur Vedas, and addressed to Rudra, invokes him as Shiva in several instances.

A seal was also found in Mohenjo daro of Pashupati, which some believe was a "prototype" of Shiva.

A seal discovered during the excavation of Mohenjo-daro has drawn attention as a possible representation of a "proto-Shiva" figure. This "Pashupati" (Lord of Animals,or Lord of Beings Sanskrit paśupati) seal shows a seated figure, possibly ithyphallic, surrounded by animals. Sir John Marshall and others have claimed that this figure is a prototype of Shiva, and have described the figure as having three faces, seated in a "yoga posture" with the knees out and feet joined.

Now, having said that, in my view, these similarities and differences are not as direct a proof as the DNA evidence should be. And that is where the rub comes. If the "Aryan" and "Dravidian" were indeed two different races originating in different places and fighting for land, then their DNA make-up should be radically different! If the Dravidians came from India and Aryans came decidedly from Europe, then there shouldn't be much similarities. After all there are differences between the Western Europeans and Eastern Europeans which is very clear. But the DNA lineage gives up completely different clues!

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