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Completeness of Experiencing: Good with the Bad

In order to fully appreciate beautiful sunny days, once in a while, we’ll have some rainy days in our lives.

What must be done not to be influence by our daily exposure to too many negative reinforcement messages? To equal the balance we have to do our best to bring to mind many wonderful and magical moments by which we enjoyed them very much, so we exclaimed “Ah!”

Let’s be honest about our society. It sells much more bad news, than good news. This is an undeniable fact. So, let’s start creating the habit of, experiencing, once more to use all our very pleasant memories.

I have a personal saying: “Every day live with an attitude of gratitude”. Try to be thankful for everything! Starting to thank the God of your heart, the God of your understanding, then be thankful to your family, but express them your sincere gratitude to all of them, then to your coworkers, to young and old people. Convince them by smiling at them, not only with your mouth, but with your eyes. Keep in mind that the eyes are the windows of the soul. Below is a short list of some Ah! Those wonderful moments you have experience in the past. I wrote these expressions being a man, so if you’re a woman reading this you can add more feeling to all these expression, and yes, you can change some expressions, the main idea here, is that you really get involved.

“Ah! Thank you merciful God for letting me know that you love me so much!”

“Ah! How beautiful life is!”

“Ah! In spite of suffering from a terminal illness, how well I feel today, thank you God!”

“Ah! This morning I feel like a million dollar person!”

“Ah! Life is really worth living!”

“Ah! What a beautiful family I have!”

“Ah! At last I could buy the car of my dreams!”

“Ah! At last I’m doing what I like!”

“Ah! Now I’m really enjoying what I do!”

“Ah! Today I’m the luckiest person on Earth!”

“Ah! What incredible experience is being the father of my children!”

“Ah! How good it feels to be a grandfather!”

“Ah! I’m so thankful for the friends I have!”

“Ah! What a wonderful feeling to be able to share all my blessings!”

“Ah! How wonderful it feels when you have saved somebody’s life!”

“Ah! What a terrific feeling when you know that your advice has helped somebody find his personal and special path!”

The homework here is that you can create your own blessings. Create as many as you can. I assure you that you will feel indescribable well, and in peace with our Creator.

Best regards and, as usual I say until later on, with tons of Divine Love from my humble heart and mind to your beautiful hearts and minds.

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