Men give in to sexual temptation easier than women

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A research study from Montreal, Canada’s McGill University claims that men give into sexual temptation easier than women. And men are vulnerable to flirtatious advances of a hot female even when they are married, while married women see advances of single men as a danger sign and resist the temptation. The report also seems to give a plan for married men on how to resist a good-looking temptress.

The study researchers thought that the difference maybe because men thought that single women flirts may be less of a danger to their relationships – a feeling not shared among married women.

I guess it shows why all the religions of the world – all started by men – have such an aversion to sex! Because the fountainheads of these religions must have thought that if their flock (herds these religious groups are anyways) gave in to sexual temptation, then they may not have any flock at all to beat into an alley! Its easier to herd a bunch of obeying idiots than risk-taking bohemian guys! 🙂

If the religions, on the other hand, had been started by women, they may not even have thought of this thing, for they would have taken it as a given!

And btw, while I am on it.. why hasn’t a SINGLE religion not been started by a woman? Can’t they fire people’s imagination up or get their voices across? Judging from how women behave as wives, that is highly unlikely 🙂 Any ideas why?

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