Nehru's arrogance and scorn for which we keep paying

In the world of geopolitical maneuvering either you should become a powerful “bad-ass” or side with one. Those who do neither and with arrogant demeanour as well as false confidence as their ally are very few and far between. India had the dubious distinction of having quite a few of such characters throughout its history – and worse at the dawn of its independence!

Jawaharlal Nehru “declined a United States offer” to India to “take the permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council” around 1953 and suggested that it be given to China, according to the United Nations Under-Secretary General, Sashi Tharoor.

In his latest book, “Nehru – The Invention of India,” Mr. Tharoor writes that Indian diplomats who have seen files swear that Nehru declined the offer about the same time as he turned down “with scorn” John Foster Dulles’ support for an Indian Monroe Doctrine.

Nehru had suggested that the seat, till then held by Taiwan, be offered to Beijing instead. He wrote that “the seat was held with scant credibility by Taiwan.”

So, one, Nehru scorned at the Security Council membership and gifted it away to China and second, scoffed at the offer of cover of Monroe doctrine from the US. The latter was the doctrine offered to the West by US for protection. Nehru spurned it off under the pretext that he did not want to make Asia a “playground” for the world powers!

Can I laugh? Please?

As if he was not just the Prime Minister of India but also of Pakistan, Nepal and Sri-Lanka! Pakistan, of course, had its own thoughts and they went ahead by inviting US into the region anyways. Only this time, US was on the other side.. and China was in that box as well!

And we neither had the Security Council veto powers nor the protection of the US! Worse both were with the enemies who were busy planning wars against us when the grand, arrogant “Chacha” deserted the Indian politics due to death through stroke – so “hurt” and “broken” was he! Yeah right! And the nation was supposed to mourn that??

All these years, generation after generation India, its poor – specifically the jawan, who is no more than canon-fodder in any battle – and its needy have had to pay for scorn and nonsensical arrogance of Nehru and his family.

Its not just about looking back at history – the water that already flowed under the bridge – but to see what mistakes we made and why? Why did we take all this shit with glee on our faces and praise for the perpetrators of such messy and persistent shit??

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