Rights based or wrong based is the question??

There is nothing like right or wrong but it is all context based.
Well but if you want to know about the current development scenario in india here is a small disourse that am floating for my friends.

Thanx swapnali for making me do this.

My interest is basically on natural resource management ( a term that is used to cover the use and misuse of everything that nature has endowed man with. (forests, water and land resources).

Well in a nutshell, forest management and governance in india is completely in the hands of the government (read forest department) who had a very monopolistic and single minded focus till the 1980s. The general forests governance is divided into territorial and wild life. All the national parks (80 odd) and sanctuaries (400 odd) are governed by the wild life department. If you want to film it you would have to get in touch with the respective DFOs or Wild life wardens to get permission.

There are three approaches that divide the whole Non-government sector called civil society or (NGOs in common parlance.)
Conservationist approach – All that the forest department has been trying to do. It is focussed towards preservation of wildlife and habitat sometimes ignoring people’s (read tribal rights). This so called tiger lobby includes WWF, Bombay natural history society etc.

Right Seekers – People come first is what they say. Such people believe more in fighting the government. Medha patkar, arundhati roy, jangal jameen andolan just to name a few.

Constructive work – People who think that natural resources can be managed by appropriate interventions to make their use sustainable. Our org as well as many others have this belief and it a kind of a middle path between the above two approaches.

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