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Think Big by Manifesting the Divine

If we all people are living souls possessing wisdom, and highly creative attributes, why don’t we think big, instead of small?

We’re the result of A SUPREME MASTER MIND. We’ve inherited His tremendous creative powers. He gave us these supreme powers to conquer life. If deep down, we know that if we think either small or big, we’re getting very positive results. Why should we start thinking step by step, thinking bigger each time? Instead of right from the start, beginning thinking big!

Remember it’s our Divine Right! The complete credit would be God’s, not ours. For Him Alone is every positive result we can get! His never ending inspirational fountain has always contained live, vibrant water. This Divine source water has always been at our very near reach. Let’s take advantage of this!

Why are we so afraid to commit ourselves to do God’s work? Remember this eternal man’s question: “Am a wise, because I have a simple mind, or it is that I have a simple mind that I am wise?”

Not only companies should try to improve their products by thinking big. Every human being should start thinking big, generating ideas to first improve his life, then the World’s. Real innovation requires a lot of courage from us. So, if we posses a brave heart, then it wouldn’t be a problem at all!

Each one of us possesses a very harmonious blending of attributes, skills, gifts, and special talents. Our great challenge is to try to do our best to first awaken them, next to develop them, and last to perfection them. I’m aware that it’s a difficult task, but the reward we’ll have, will be well worth.

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If we don’t express our original ideas, if we don’t listen to our always wise inner self, and if we don’t make contributions to society we will have failed not only at what society needs from us, but we will have betrayed ourselves.

It doesn’t mind at all, how old we are, neither our academic degrees, nor our social status. What really matters here is our total passionate commitment to be known by our actions, and creations. There are still a lot of needs to be filled. There exist a lot of improvements to be carried out by our dynamic actions. So, let’s make the new important habit of thinking big from now on. We can, and will do it!

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