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The Real Hero

A truly inspiring story of a little kid who used to polish shoes, live in a slum and whose father is a rickshaw puller. The kid, Ramu is now studying in Kolkatta Medical College to become a doctor!

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Quantum collapse can be undone

Our Observation collapses the wave and we can have a particle instead. At least that much is a certainty for scientists. Of course, the question that has always remained is how does the quantum world and the physical world so different in its appearance.There was another point. That as soon as we measure the wave position, we force its collapse. So, the question is can it be undone? From the entire "business" of nirvana or enlightenment proliferated by the mystics, it seems that it should happen! Now, the scientists have found a way that if the measurement can be done just that much.. .then the partial collapse can be undone.

In the latest issue of Nature News, Postdoctoral Fellow Nadav Katz explains how his team put the idea to the test and found that, indeed, he is able to take a "weak" measurement of a quantum particle, which triggered a partial collapse. Katz then "undid the damage we'd done," altering certain properties of the particle and performing the same weak measurement again. The particle was returned to its original quantum state just as if no measurement had ever been taken.
So, even the collapse - albeit the partial one as yet - is also not a permanent state (which makes sense - as that is exactly what spiritualists keep harping on! In fact the only permanent state is the uncollapsed one. Let's get to that now.

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Unbelievable Badminton rally

What an amazing rally! It seems these guys don't miss anything! I completely lost count of the smashes that were easily returned by the Chinese team... just take a look.

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Can something "real" from China please show up??

We have all heard of the fakes from China... haven't we?- Fake medicines - Fake brand name clothes and accessories - Fake electronicsThe Olympics is the biggest even in 4 years, so one would think it is time for China to redeem itself!Instead, we get the BIGGEST ever ticket scam - of truly Chinese proportions. So, even before the Olympics starts the scamming of the world has begun?Well, at least the Opening ceremony was something just out of this world? That should have settled things once and for ever about the ingenuity and the creativity of the Chinese! :-) Well, it turns out that some - just some.... and enough for effects - of the extravagant fireworks of that Opening ceremony, now tells a Brit newspaper was.... yes... FAKED!!

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Quite a day at work….

Would you even call into work that day? I hope they had some Health benefits - and wondering if in that generation, the Americans had same issues with mental trauma as the soldiers of today have after one duty in Iraq!

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Asian geopolitics and Self Preservation

Most of the times, the analysis of geopolitics and national interests are often couched in "my-transgressions-are-strategy-yours-are-machiavellian-actions" language. So, when Pakistan uses Kashmir as a whipping rod against India and kills both Hindus as well as Muslims - its bad from the Indian side and a matter of Muslim pride for Pakistan. When India responds with its Army and hits back and in the process tramples the Muslims, while Hindus just move out as no one even protects them - then it is India's pride and in Pakistan its like all hell has broken lose! Fact is that both sides are just trying to move on the chess-board and playing their games. Bringing morality into this chess world is so facetious.1980sThis was a decade when whatever move that Pakistan played was right in every way. On the other hand, India ended up on the losing side consistently. Pakistan not only used Soviet War to build a powerful ally in Taliban in Afghanistan, but do three things right for themselves:- Make China their strongest ally and provide with a launching pad against India to them - Fund and empower Sikh terrorist and make Khalistan a serious issue for India - Step up the Kashmir issue.Operation Bluestar, although one of the most difficult events in India's religious history since independence was prompted by a last-minute nation saving move from India. Pakistan forces were ready on the border, and Bhinderanwala et al were ready to annouce freedom for Khalistan. If the next morning had come uninterrupted, everything above Punjab would have been almost gone! What Pakistan's Army had attempted to do in 1965 - cut India's throat from that Punjab strip - was finally to come true, so they thought. If, and huge if, that night Russian intelligence had not helped India by playing a tape with the planning of the impending doom! And Indira went on offensive... But that move turned to have very complicated future ramifications.India's failed attempts at taking measure of Pakistan were frustrating! From courting Najibullah to helping Northern Alliance - we consistently bet on the wrong horse. Now, if you keep fighting the wrong battles, and someone else wins, then so bad for you!! There was a need to stop Taliban and weaken it and possibly have a better relations with US to force Pakistan's hand to give up their support of Taliban post Soviet war, but it never happened.1990sThis was the decade of complete turnaround! A few serendipitous things occured:- Zia-ul-Haq, the real grand-master of Pakistan's stable, died. - India's technological industry started preparing itself for Y2K and finally made a killing! It was a god-send and never has ever a situation been used so well as Y2K was. That was the turning point. Suddenly, notwithstanding what the US diplomats wanted, Jack Welch's one small gamble changed the entire game in this region. If Rajiv Gandhi had not been visionary enough to start a whole new area and if that visit to see DLF's Singh hadn't happened?! - Punjab's terrorism was put a plug on by ruthlessness never seen before and probably the first time that a terrorist movement was finished by force! - BJP came to the scene as a viable option and threw out the age-old useless and archaic policies of Congress that were at the basis of India's failure in 1980s! It opened upto Israel and still engaged the Arab world, it did the Nuke blasts to bring out the closet Nuke trade between Pakistan and China and still engage with US and make Clinton and others realize their error of estimation! Soon, the old questions had changed! We were never same!So, the decade that had started with a low self-esteem India and highly proud Pakistan - and in fact the latter had a higher per-cpaita GDP than India, ended with a complete reversal. What was to come would even change the game further!

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Our Secret Chamber (Part 1)

“Solving our problems and improving our lives through.....................”Every human being on this planet from the past, did his best to improve his life. The same action applies to our current human beings, and also will this is also true, regarding human beings from our future. It's very much alive pulsating in our spiritual genes.Man has built pyramids, temples, churches, shrines, etc to be able to find a very special place where he can get tuned with his Maker, his Creator, in other words with God. Man many times he has failed in his quest, nevertheless he has accomplished a lot. All his efforts have counted.He has looked outwards instead of inwards. He admires our great universe with amazement and wonder. He has become a bold adventurer, a dedicated investigator, a priest, a shaman, a Philosopher, a great thinker, an scholar, a scientific, and a mystic. It is precisely the true mystic, the lucky one , to have found the secret chamber.The purpose of these three articles is to lead you to your secret chamber. How I was able to achieve this myself doesn't matter at all. What really matters is the very sincere desire of sharing. Unless you have tried out three very simple exercises, you'll be able to make any comments about it. The required tools are : your patience, tolerance, emotional involvement, and your reliable creative imagination.Where shall we start? It's a very difficult task, but not an impossible one. The example that came to my mind is similar to the explanation given to a blind born person when trying to describe him color. Well, maybe not as difficult. Allow me to put pictures in your mind's eye. Imagine three glowing hollow metal spheres with different sizes, one next to the other.They are as high as the hight of two men. One man standing on top of the other.The sphere to your left is made of copper, the middle one is made of silver, and the one to your right is made of gold. All of them emanate a harmonious sound, their powerful vibrations are felt in your body. Suddenly the gold sphere moves and enters the silver sphere a “plop” sound is heard meaning a harmonious adaptation. Then this silver sphere moves towards the copper sphere and it enters inside it the music of the spheres is appreciated. Now you are looking at only one big sphere made of copper. An inner message comes to your mind, and you know that the copper sphere represents our physical material world, the silver sphere stands for our psychic world, and the gold sphere is telling us that it represents our spiritual world.

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