Beautiful and Wonderful MÉXICO! (Part III)

This is another very interesting article from Ezequiel! Enjoy your interaction with the amazing MÉXICO!

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I’ll start this article by carrying out an exercise in time traveling. I want you to spend 24 hours the same day and month, but choose a year from the one hundred years from your given century A.D. Let’s assume that your physical body adapts a physical body very similar to the people you’re going to have a close encounter with. In order to avoid speaking you will be a mute person, so no answers will be expected from you. You will wake up in one village, as you wake up, open your eyes and memorize your surroundings. Try to listen to every sound generating in your immediate circle of your environment. What do these people do first? Do they participate in a kind of common ritual? Are there special chants, fire, water, herbs, special stones, and incense? How their dialect does sound like? Do they a lot of mimics? When do they have breakfast? What do they use to eat their food? How does this food look like? What are the peculiar smells emanating from this food! What about their taste? Later on how do they dispose their body’s waste materials? What kind of clothing are they wearing? What about their ornaments? Do they carry weapons? If they are what kind are these weapons? How many children are you able to see? What do these children do? How do these people treat their children? What are the children’s chores?

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I strongly suggest that you create your own activity program in this near, and at the time your same past live event. Think about how they spend their lunch time, dinner time, bed time, hunting time, gathering time, leisure time etc. Because I don’t want to spoil your creativity, you are free to think as many ways as possible. Please keep in mind that, regarding bringing to life your time traveling in beautiful, mysterious, fascinating and wonderful México. Now, your adopted magic country!

México is a large country where a lot of craftsmanship is being carried out at this moment. A lot of craftswomen and craftsmen are working creatively making many different products. Also in this magic land a lot of rituals are taking place, most from the part of these craftspeople. You may ask why this is so. These practices are the result of inherited habits transmitted by generations after generations from our many diverse past cultures. Now you may also wonder what the importance of performing rituals is. Our modern world is full with many advanced technologies, invented to make our lives much easier, they usually apart us from our wise natural laws. We feel like alienated creatures in our own planet. What a paradox! All the sidewalks, paved roads, cement everywhere, all of these obstacles avoid that our bare feet absorb this needed incredible Earth energy. We’ve become aliens in our own planet!

Going back to the topic of rituals allow me to explain the following facts:

Rituals always bring us triple benefits. First they attract us the necessary harmonious balance that our physical entities require, in a dual manner from our planet and from our sun. On second place, regarding our psychic selves, they awaken many dormant abilities, or develop those already awakened. Our mental processes improve. We usually are able to have more positive results mentioning our daily decisions. And last but not least they allow our soul personalities to manifest a long term memory; we can easily understand important things that happened in a past, past time. The silver thread of our imagination swings back and forth. And back to our past as human beings, and forth to our nearby future. Very important teachings from our ancient past are fully recovered, and here is the core of the matter. Great positive measurable changes start occurring in our lives. Our lives no longer are boring lives. It is very possible that in our present lives, the sum of the positive aspects of at least one hundred lives will be recuperated. Many past lives will be remembered with great accuracy. It won’t matter at all how famous or great we were, no sir, what will matter is what we will do to take the most of this life. This present life is our most important one. Our happy obligation will be to do the most good as possible here and now!

In this way our lives will surely become great adventures to get involved with. Our strong ties with our universe are immense. Our soul personalities are the superheroes so badly needed by our society. We were very lucky to be influenced by two ancient cultures. I don’t have material proofs about it, but it’s logical what I’m about to explain: Both of our peninsulas were the places where these very ancient cultures left us some of their wisdom. To start with the peninsula of Baja California was the place where some inhabitants of LEMURIA; The sunken continent in the Pacific, left their knowledge. The peninsula of YUCATAN was the recipient from people from ATLANTIS; the sunken continent from the Atlantic Ocean. This is the main reason for the passiveness shown by our Indians when they saw the white bearded men. They mistakenly took them from superior beings. They oral traditions had mentioned many times the existence of these very different men. These special men had always come in peace. Sometimes true events are more unbelievable than fictitious ones.

I hope I’ve given you enough material to think about. As I always wish, receive as many cosmic blessings as possible, from my loving big heart to your starving hearts, hearts starving from God’s immense love. By the way, in case you aren’t fully aware. Right at this precise moment tons of God’s immense love, life and light is abundantly and harmoniously flowing to your heart.

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