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Sa re ga ma pa and the political mess on the Independence Day special

Sa re ga ma pa – is my favorite TV show. Period. Its the original musical reality show and has become better and better over the years.

From last year, even singers from Pakistan were included. This year they went further and brought in singers from outside India and Pakistan. Even Asma, an Arab girl from Oman came and sang in Hindi. She was eliminated very soon, but she will remain in everyone’s heart!

Yesterday was the independence special. And in this episode two Pakistani singers were also there. Now, both India and Pakistan have their indepedence at the same time and now both are different countries.

I know many in India dream of an Akhand Bharat, just as many in Pakistan talk about the Islamic India. Now, I can’t speak for those in Pakistan, but as an Indian, I totally abhor the idea of partition and after enough reading of independence history, I am certainly convinced that the mindless and insane violence was the mastermind of Jinnah and his followers following his call for Direct Action Day (DA day and its aftermath) – whose very concept was blackmailing Congress to his demands. After that what happened is a blot on mankind’s history. And it is also my conviction and firm belief that the genesis of Pakistan’s idea itself has haunted it and will eventually prove its undoing!

Now, what happened in Sa re ga ma pa – was this:

– the program was called the Akhand Bharat ka show… basically celebrating the Independence of “Akhand Bharat”.
– Sara – the female singer from Pakistan – after her song, said “I Love you, Pakistan”!
– Aditya Narayan, the compere asked her how she feels now, as during the independence struggle everyone fought together. The direction was – how do you feel about Pakistan – when we all fought together.. or basically about the idea of Akhand Bharat.
– Later Anandji, one of the “Mahagurus” told Sara that he did not like her saying that she loved Pakistan.

Sidenote: The Mahagurus declared Sara the winner amongst all the girls, although Chandigarh’s Mitika Kanwar was clearly several notches above Sara! So, they did show some repentence but the damage had been done for all.

Now, as I said, I am personally (as a history reader) against the very idea of what happened at that time. But in all these years, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge.. and Pakistan is a reality and they love their country.. just as we do. I do not want to become a Pakistani and I am pretty sure that no one from Pakistani wants to become an Indian.

It is sad that a few madmen created such hatred and differences but we should just get over it! And a show that involves music should have NOT brought in such politics – specially with singers from Pakistan being present and participants in it. Either don’t pretend to be open and broad minded by calling the world to your home.. and if you call them.. .then have the heart and patience as well as acceptance to let them be happy about their identity just as we are!! Sara, therefore, was PERFECTLY right in showing her love for her motherland and I totally back her.

I think I am totally ashamed of this show – I did not expect this and do not like it. We have to become better hosts and also learn to just let the past go off.

Let us accept it – Akhand Bharat, is also an impossibility – as a future scenario or even as a useful goal. Even if Pakistan was on its knees and wanted to join India, I doubt it will be a good idea socially or economically to do so! Pakistan’s society is a total mismatch to India’s and I am not talking about religion or religious fanaticism but the feudalist infrastructure. India has worked VERY hard to get rid of so many evils and ills that beset that society on the Western side of us and the protagonists in that country who perpetuate those ills are the most powerful. In fact, I believe given the situation that Pakistan is today, it is because of utter lack of introspection. Every Indian will hate to turn the clock back and start all over again!

So, lets just respect our neighbors and their love for their country. No matter how much you feel they are wrong or that you disagree but you have to understand that everyone loves their mother and motherland. No amount of self-righteousness can take that away. This love for one’s motherland is worthy of respect from all! No excuses there.

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