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Having in mind the next popular saying: “It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good” and in Spanish: “No hay mal que por bien no venga” Made me wonder about our next ten years. Since an early age I was very lucky to be accepted in mysticism which cast a lot of esoteric wonderful teachings into my hungry mind and loving heart.

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How the Attacks were planned and executed (#mumbai)

Ok, now the Union Government is getting some information. And it is going to do the same thing.. keep debating along with the Human Rights lobby and the others on how this was an attack motivated by religion, Babri Masjid, Shivaji, Rana Pratap or whoever.. You know we are idiots if we don't get it straight! I don't want to call it a terrorist attack because that diminishes its seriousness. No terrorist organization can do what was done here.

Terrorists who struck Mumbai had set up advance "Control Rooms" in the luxury Taj and Trident Oberoi hotels which was also targeted and did prior reconnaisance executing plans worked "over months", Union Cabinet minister Kapil Sibal said on Thursday night.Sibal said the unprecedented terror attack in the country's financial capital was planned "over months" and the terrorists were not carrying AK-47 rifles but sophisticated weapons like MP-6.

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Mumbai Attacks are NOT "Terrorism" but DECLARATION OF WAR against INDIAN STATE (#Mumbai)

Around 30-50 odd people land on our shores from a foreign land.. dropped by a ship with ammunition, night vision equipment and satellite phones... and attack our largest city.I am trying to understand HOW is this different from a FORMAL DECLARATION OF WAR AGAINST India??If Pakistan or any other country WAS to declare war and attack Bombay - conventionally and through COMMANDOS.. how would it have done it??Look at the facts:- Grenades and assault guns - Ship drops them off - Night vision equipment and satellite phones - Pakistani Punjabi terrorist - Speed Boats to land at the shore right next to Taj and Oberoi - Dressed as commandos - Complete planning.. including the houses of Jews to occupy and the sequence of events - Coverage across the city of Mumbai!THAT is why I don't want the terrorist angle to be played for long. Yes, these guys spread terror.. but MAKE NO MISTAKE.. this is NOT terror.. this is WAR. It is as much a war as any can be! If we get into this definitions of terrorism.. and then digress into Hindu nationalists should not retaliate and all the rest of the rhetoric of "resilience of Mumbaikars" etc.. then we will MISS the point - which is THAT THIS IS A WAR just as ANY that an enemy could have declared!Again - THIS has NOTHING to do with "religion".. as these terrorists are making it out to be.. THEY WANT us to believe that it is religion.. IT IS NOT!! So lets get out of this Terrorism mindset.... these Pakistani Punjabi and his NWFP friend is NOT here because of how India treats its own Muslims.. THAT is what they want us to show and believe.. IT IS A WAR.. PERIOD!The fact that such operations - which were hitherto had been launched against India in the Himalayas HAS BEEN LAUNCHED in the heart of Mumbai.. is a clear indication that India's Defense has FAILED to fight the covert and overt threat from its enemies!The face, character, look, ways of an enemy combatant has changed!!So, let's get off the rhetoric that this is terrorism.. for that will take us into a loop that is all too familiar... where this will be characterized as a deed of CRIMINALS.. when it is NOT! It is an AGGRESSION ON INDIAN STATE... and BLATANTLY AND CHEEKILY done!!Next Steps:1. Find out who were involved: LTTE, Pakistani Army, ISI, LeT 2. Launch an all out attack against those entities. 3. It is a WAR and it should be treated as one!! 4. If we fear that it will escalate into a Nuclear war.. well, I am now convinced that INACTION now.. will result in a Nuclear commando attack on Bombay next! This attack yesterday will look like a firecracker compared to what COULD HAVE BEEN.. if instead of RDX these Pakistani commandos had shipped in a Nuke / Dirty bomb!!

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Little red-riding-hood and our past lives.

It is amazing how this bedtime story awakens memories in little children. This oral story has over three centuries old. Then in sixteen ninety seven it was published in Europe in a version by Charles Perrault. Another version, the most famous was written by the Grimm brothers. I’m not an expert on reincarnation at all, but what I’ve experienced by talking to several people who believe in this doctrine has told me that when they listened to this story was like a magical time-travel journey. As children listen to the word “forest” immediately you see their faces being illuminated with something pleasant and terrible at the same time. The same occurs when they hear the word “wolf” It is not only this story, but many others as well.

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Suspected Terror Mother Ship Located and other updates (#Mumbai) –

Taj Hotel GM's wife and three children killed...Indian Navy looking for "Mother Ship": Indian Navy and Coast Guards on Thursday pressed into service warships and surveillance aircraft to scour the high seas in and around Mumbai to look for 'Mother Ship' which could have ferried the terrorists who carried out attacks in this metropolis.The Coast Guard have located a suspected Terrorist ship MV Alpha.

M V Alpha, a ship which is suspected to have carried the perpetrators of the Mumbai terror attacks, was today found 112 km from here by the Coast Guard, officials said. A CG spokesman said that searches were being carried out on board the ship but declined to elaborate. The Coast Guard had launched two aircraft, choppers and its vessels after receiving information that the ship could have carried the terrorists from Gujarat to Mumbai.

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Terrorists talk on Phone to the TV Station

Just listen to the terrorist and you know clearly that the two guys who are talking.. one is VERY clearly a Punjabi from Pakistan (he in fact asks the other guy "Kee Maang hai") and then the other one is clearly from the North West Frontier province or Afghani kind of person. So, Deccan they definitely are NOT!And the rhetoric is the same.. Babri Masjid and all.. Its been ages since that happened.. and if it still remains an issue.. then the Hindus could make it an even bigger issue on that!! Where will the fight end?

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Mumbai Attack Updates

Some more updates:The threat of terrorists coming via sea to Mumbai was there for a long time! In fact the Govt. had warned of such an entry 6 months ago.

Intelligence reports had warned that there could be a possible entry of terrorists into Mumbai through the sea route, a top police official claimed. "This intelligence was available six months ago and subsequently a barge was found by the locals on Shrivardhan coast in Raigad district four months back," the official, who did not wish to be identified, said.
The Mumbai attack terrorists could have been Pakistani nationals. This was revealed by authorities:
"There are indications that the perpetrators of the crime, who arrived in Mumbai by boats, are Pakistani nationals," authoritative sources said. The indications are based on information gathered from captured terrorists, the sources said.

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J J Hospital Blood Bank: Contact Person : Dr.Ganesh , Dr.Nair -- 022 - 23739400 Bombay Hospital: Contact Person : Ms.Purohit -- 22067676 extn 216 Cama Hospital Blood Bank : 022-22611648 St. George Hospital Direct Blood Bank: Contact Person: Tarun -- 022 – 22620344 US State Dept Call Center for Americans concerned about U.S. family/friends in Mumbai 1-888-407-4747 British Foreign Office help line in London -- 0207 0080000 Taj Hotel - 022-66574322, 022-66574372, 1800 111 825; Trident Hotel - 022-23890606 20 Oberoi Hotels enquiry no's: +91981095688, 022-23890606, 022-23890505 Brazilian help line 9820686143 Canadian Helpline 1-613-996-8885, 1-800-387-3124 elsewhere BMC disaster management cell is +91 22 22694725 For Blood Donors *Call 922 222 1947 and tell them you want to donate blood. They'll get back to you when someone needs it OR Send an sms - type BLOOD and send it to 96000 97000, donor will call up for donation

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Some more updates..

US Intelligence Officials killed at Taj Hotel.... Intelligence Bureau says the terrorists came in from Pakistan... One Navy seal has died...

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US and India should prepare for a QUICK and decisive ACTION…. NOW!

If I was the US Intelligence Chief or that of India, I would be very furiously and strongly preparing to take out the Nukes of Pakistan... RIGHT NOW! I am not sure why, but I fear that this is "watershed"!! A few reasons why:- Pakistan has recently threatened to retaliate against the US if there are more attacks on its soil. - Pakistan is on the verge of bankruptcy and even the traditional friends have not given it money. It does not matter for the common person as much.. but the military, which lives and thrives on the money will be deprived of their largese! - Pakistani President Asif Zardari recently announced the "No-first use" policy of Nukes. As much as it sounded "stupid", I am now, after enough thought convinced that it was meant to take away the moral rationale IF India were to think of attacking first!!It is not about the common man in Pakistan.. but the entire system and the Army has built an existence that is part hallucination and part self aggrandizement. In their bid to attain a goal - of destroying India - that was faulty and self-defeating to start with and ultimately has brought Pakistan to the verge of complete RUIN, these people are now trying to cover up their follies by creating situations where they have little options. Now, the Army and ISI is fighting with its back to the wall... and that is why they have planned an attack that for once "CASHES" all their investments that were made in the anti-India network:- Dawood Ibrahim - Indian Muslim anti-nationalists - Islamic terrorist organizations - and "tie-ups" other regional terrorist organizations like LTTE (which was used in attacks on Sheikh Hasina)This Mumbai attack has involvement of ALL FOUR along with ISI and Pakistani Army.It is my own belief that it would not be long until their is VERY serious turmoil in Pakistan itself. In fact now, the terrorist masters within the establishment and the fundamentalists are on the "last mile" stretch of their final campaign... the control of Nukes and their THREAT to use. A sane military strategist - from a country like Pakistan would NOT have otherwise, threatened to RETALIATE against the US!! There is no way it can be sustained or even won. Unless the swagger of Nukes makes one think so.Please, I am NOT trying to be jingoist.. for any action AFTER Nukes fall into the hands of terrorists will hurt the Pakistani citizens MORE than anyone else!I am sure many amongst the common people in Pakistan would not realize this but complete capitulation of the Pakistan Army and the current set up of ISI is actually in their long term favor. History that was different that what I am pointing to has hurt the interests of the common man terribly!Intriguingly, this time US and the Western forces and analysts are taking notice and very acutely - of the attacks and situation in India! This has never happened! And if this analyst is speaking what others might be thinking privately, then a bigger fight is on the cards in the sub-continent!

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IDIOTS of Indian Media!!

This is a great example of complete idiocy of the Indian media:CNN IBN gave out room numbers of guests who are calling themAlso, saw Barkha Dutt showing around the arrival and movements of the NSG commandos and identifying how many and which units were moving around there.HONESTLY, the entire media should be BANNED from such scenes!! PERIOD! They should be thrown OUT of the sensitive scenes. Also Mumbai Police say Terrorists are tracking NSG on TV broadcasts seen on CNN-IBN on CNN.com Live

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(#Mumbai) More Mumbai Update

A friend holed in the Express Towers send this message:

We are in exprerss towers opp to oberoi hotel. Army has just moved inside oberoi. Police dogs have also got inside. Police has cordoned off the area. Two terrorists have taken hostages. That's why it is taking time

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