Discovering our hidden talents

Have you ever wondered if currently you are using all your talents? These talents are supposed to be used, not only for your personal benefit, but for beautiful humankind. It takes some time searching for these wonderful attributes, but the effort is surely well worth.
What would the techniques be? Will we need to use our symbolic dreams to discover these so much needed talents? Is special music our answer? What about listening to different languages on a daily basis? Or perhaps the listening to spiritual chants? And what do you think about listening to chants? Could special affirmations be the answer? Can past lives regressions be the method? The correct answers to these very vital questions are easily found when we have access to the refreshing spiritual fountain of healing, perfumed and enlightened waters of Divine origin. This special stream of running water is at our reach when we turn our attention toward our interior. What has worked for me is being in the shoes of handicapped people. To feel what a blind person feels. To experiment life like a deaf person does. To use a wheel chair to feel how lucky we are for not needing one. To be deprived from our smelling sense. To feel like being starving to understand how people, especially children feel like. Feeling like an orphan, to fully appreciate the existence of our parents. And so on, so on. See? Life has been wonderful to us, unbelievable beautiful! Let’s then enjoy our lives in a plentiful manner.
With Love. Azokata-nous

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