It is by choosing a bench from a nearby park first to obtain a harmonious attunement with our lovable Nature to absorb its beneficial energy flowing through the ground, grass, plants, trees, shrubs, rocks and water streams spending a little time here in this magic place will be more than enough to wonder about simple questions and statements.

A).-What kind of energy am I obtaining by facing this particular cardinal point?
Do I feel myself harmonized? What is my current mood? Am I worried about something? Have I postponed something vital?

B).-If I could listen to the music of the spheres what would be its impact on me?

C).-Here and right now, my burning desire is to be in an absolute state of attunement with the energy coming from my immediate surrounding environment. My heart and my mind are wide opened to whatever impression arrives to my sight, smell sense, hearing sense, touching sensation and my inner vision

D).-I very consciously wish to impregnate this place with my emotions and thoughts. The molecular structure of all living and not living matter around me now posses something of my altruistic thoughts and emotions, so a person or animal in need from this positive vibrations can be benefited by them.

Exerting a good thought control

Our mental states have always been channeled by our thoughts, so in case we harbor non harmonious thoughts the so long inner peace seems to go away from us. Please stop feeling like a victim from your negative thoughts, by immediately substitute them by the very best of your positive thoughts.

Succeeding in making our lives simple ones.

Living in these modern times we are under its shocking technology. This technology demands a lot of our time. It would be a good idea to reorganice our time. How can this be achieved? We can succeed by eliminating superfluous self-acquired obligations to the already saturated schedule.

It is by spending our time wisely the quest for seizing our internal peace becomes an easy task.

If we usually spend over eight hours to make our daily bread what are just fifteen minutes a day wisely spent in the search for peace profound? It is by allowing our soul personality to express itself in our every day lives our answer.
Material possessions have never made anybody happy. Let’s shelter ourselves by our daily wonderful meditation moments, not to avoid our responsibilities and obligations, but on the contrary, to fulfill them integrally.

Meditation doesn’t just consist of sitting down and relaxing our bodies and minds and doing nothing. It consists in finding an eternal fountain of spiritual inspiration. This wonderful inspiration allows us to always find practical solutions to our problems as well our society’s problems. Every time we meditate we immediately expand our consciousness. This magnificent positive emanation gets to a powerful point of our spiritual realm that provokes an indescribable cosmic response bathing our Selves in pure magnetic vibrations coming from God’s Garden of Eden. We are imbued with the pristine immense love of God! So what are we waiting for? Let’s mediate more often and at the same time more deeply.

With an over enjoyment loving heart your brother on this path.

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