An Indian Civilizational Perspective

Gap between two Rainy Days

rainy.jpg Considering our current global economic problems made me ponder about our needed rainy days. Why do we need some rainy days? It is mainly to enjoy the bright sunny days. When there is a long time span between two rainy days we lost perspective of our reality by taking for granted a lot of things we usually become lazier people. In this beautiful third world country this phenomena is more appreciated because we are known internationally by the sun symbol. We are called “sunny Mexico”. I’m sixty-six years old and I’ve just seen snow only once when it snowed here in Monterrey city on January eight nineteen sixty-seven.

Many years ago I read something about Industrialized Nations how due to experiencing bad weather conditions, especially cold weather, people weren’t able to go to work or to go to school. Spending some days at home usually near a fireplace. This fire made it easy and enjoyable for people to be immersed in deep thinking gaining very useful knowledge in this activity. On the other hand a tropical country where almost everything is at an easy reach avoids people to give serious thought regarding the topic of spending some time just enjoying thinking.

I also wish to enhance the advantage of remembering some past lives. This just a little higher point of view allows observing wider and newer horizons. We sometimes are bent, but never broken by adverse conditions, because deep down we are sure that pretty soon we will see one more time another splendorous day. My intuition is that BARECK OBAMA will lead you to many enjoyable sunny days.
With my most sincere wishes your friendly neighbor south of the border. Amorifer-Ezekiel

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