telepathy-notext.pngVING OUR TELEPHATIC SKILLS

Man invented language not God. So there are some mistakes on it.

There are misunderstanding among nations, people, neighbors and families. Also between parents and children, spouses, friends etc.
It is appreciated too between English speakers; native and as a second language. It is indeed unavoidable.

The increased use of telepathy would be one of some solutions. Why is this so? Because telepathy uses images transmitted from one mind to another mind. Isn’t a fact that mentally and spiritually everybody is connected to everybody? If you whish to send the image of a man to someone’s mind you just make the image of a man in your mind and send it to the other person. It is as simple as that. It really doesn’t matter how it is pronounced much less written in the mind of your receiver. Our advanced technology has become our main obstacle in achieving this goal. We’ve always been connected by a powerful and beautiful spiritual silver thread. It is our optic fiber connection. We’ve also enjoyed this subtle kind of communication when we look at a painting, famous painting or not. Another universal language has been the influence of music.

If you are interested in enhancing your inborn telepathic powers I humbly suggest studying the impact of symbols in our lives. These symbols are of two kinds: natural and man-made. It is a very fascinating well worth studying.
Please try to imagine God’s supreme qualities how they have always sheltered us, his children. Imagine been surrounded by these high spiritual forces and enjoy by being lucky to be called His lovable children.
Azokata -nous.

Desh Kapoor

The panache of a writer is proven by the creative pen he uses to transform the most mundane topic into a thrilling story. Desh - the author, critic and analyst uses the power of his pen to create thought-provoking pieces from ordinary topics of discussion. He writes on myriad interesting themes. Read the articles to know more about his views and "drishtikone".

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