Inside a Witch's hat is a practical application!

CONE HATS.htmA very useful mystical principle has been spoiled through times. It is like the saying: “Let’s keep our fingers crossed” when we desire to see some positive results of our honest efforts and not as a magical formula that without doing enough efforts something miracle would happen. The same applies to the positive use of wearing a witch’s hat, or the comic scene applied to a student when he is wearing the DUNCE hat sitting alone in a corner. Originally it was used to those students who were already very smart, but due to their lack of concentration couldn’t retain important instruction. These teachers were using the pyramid principle. The inverted cone on one’s head was with the purpose of remembering very complicated instructions, or something difficult for us to retain. My own private research through the years has cast some light about this. It would be a good idea to make one of these cones and use it three days and a half before any of the moon phases, also by discovering which nostrils seems to be wider than the other, this has to do with the ocean tides, if your left nostril seems to be more opened than your right nostril it will indicate us that it is an appropriate time(three hour period) to spend some of our time with this cone hat on. Please try this exercise and keep me posted

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