An Indian Civilizational Perspective

Mind, Heart and Imagination: A Magic Formula

Every time we add a proper quantity of emotional involvement to our knowledge and finish it with a secret ingredient called imagination, we usually obtain excellent results in our quests.
Before God created man, He supplied an abundant place where we could live in. This place is our sacred Mother Earth. God also granted our planet with intelligence, so it could survive in spite of man’s destroying mistakes. Earth’s main purpose is to renew itself in cycles. Cycles we still haven’t been able to be fully aware of. Earthquakes, hurricanes, forest fires, droughts and other natural catastrophes are the result of our Earth’s intelligence.

Now let’s consider once more about the quantity of man’s time spent in his self-knowledge. If an eighty-five percent time is spent on our basic needs, so the rest fifteen percent would be ideal to be spent in our self-knowledge. This endeavor allows getting much better results from our daily efforts with almost no waste of the talents granted by God. These wonderful talents shouldn’t be wasted. Our creativity, meditation and the more often use of our intentional thinking can be a good solution.

Summarizing: Our creative minds, loving heart and imagination in perfect harmony would definitely be a good formula to continue protecting ourselves, our fellow men and our Mother Earth.
With all my best Cosmic intents your brother on this amazing path. Azokata-nous.

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