An Indian Civilizational Perspective

Our Intentional thinking has great importance

Considering that learning is a never ending action it would be an excellent idea to try to make it interesting. According to experts on this field our first hand learning experience drives us to meaningful learning and usually significant learning means effective learning. For decades the German people and the Japanese people when facing any new knowledge they start from zero even though the posses some knowledge about a theme. They’ve been doing this in order to absorb much more of this new or an improvement of this knowledge. The Chinese are also known from emptying their cups before receiving new approaches, new ways, and new instruction. We on the other hand don’t accept our ignorance and always show that we do know something about any subject, so our learning becomes a tedious and difficult task instead of something highly enjoyable. Our minds get full of not reliable information resulting in obtaining bad results plus a waste of our time and more importantly our wasted talents. Really it is a simple matter of changing our learning habits, so our lives can become much more creative and thus enjoyable.

Effective learning starts by creating a solid framework on which our daily observations and discoveries play an important role. To do this we don’t need expensive equipment or long and boring hours spent in hard training, not at all!
We need to become possessing the inquisitive small children’s minds and also their joyful expectations about everything they touch, see, smell and hear. They still exclaim many wonderful ahs! Life is to be enjoyed not to be born. We put to much emphasis in the negative aspects of life instead of the still wonderful free thing it offer us every day in every corner of our world. Self-motivation has always been the great force that has brought humanity many of its blessings. Let’s then walk tall facing our challenges with the attitude of a warrior, the wisdom of a scholar and the immense loving heart of God.
Your brother Azokata-nous

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