An Indian Civilizational Perspective

tunning our minds in to prevent future threats.

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Living in a world full of people who lack light in their hearts and minds it is necessary to unite our receptive minds in the search of possible future threats. Nowadays there isn’t a safe place on our planet. I don’t wish to be misunderstood. I’ve always been an optimistic person, but also a realistic one. There is a saying: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Very recently I stared wondering if our minds and souls are connected it means we can detect in time the destructive thoughts of ignorant people. Thoughts are very concrete things and just before they can be realized we can detect them using our receptive minds and hearts. This is just an idea which requires to be seriously considered by everybody who really cares for the safety of our brothers around this planet. Some years ago I did a little research on this topic and there are indeed facts that confirm everything I’ve just explained to you. People’s thoughts can be read if we really wish to do so. We don’t require a special training at all. Please count me for attaining world peace.
With an immense loving heart as always sending you and our planet tons of true Divine love. Amorifer-alden

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