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US and India should prepare for a QUICK and decisive ACTION…. NOW!

If I was the US Intelligence Chief or that of India, I would be very furiously and strongly preparing to take out the Nukes of Pakistan… RIGHT NOW! I am not sure why, but I fear that this is “watershed”!! A few reasons why:

– Pakistan has recently threatened to retaliate against the US if there are more attacks on its soil.
– Pakistan is on the verge of bankruptcy and even the traditional friends have not given it money. It does not matter for the common person as much.. but the military, which lives and thrives on the money will be deprived of their largese!
– Pakistani President Asif Zardari recently announced the “No-first use” policy of Nukes. As much as it sounded “stupid”, I am now, after enough thought convinced that it was meant to take away the moral rationale IF India were to think of attacking first!!

It is not about the common man in Pakistan.. but the entire system and the Army has built an existence that is part hallucination and part self aggrandizement. In their bid to attain a goal – of destroying India – that was faulty and self-defeating to start with and ultimately has brought Pakistan to the verge of complete RUIN, these people are now trying to cover up their follies by creating situations where they have little options. Now, the Army and ISI is fighting with its back to the wall… and that is why they have planned an attack that for once “CASHES” all their investments that were made in the anti-India network:

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– Dawood Ibrahim
– Indian Muslim anti-nationalists
– Islamic terrorist organizations
– and “tie-ups” other regional terrorist organizations like LTTE (which was used in attacks on Sheikh Hasina)

This Mumbai attack has involvement of ALL FOUR along with ISI and Pakistani Army.

It is my own belief that it would not be long until their is VERY serious turmoil in Pakistan itself. In fact now, the terrorist masters within the establishment and the fundamentalists are on the “last mile” stretch of their final campaign… the control of Nukes and their THREAT to use. A sane military strategist – from a country like Pakistan would NOT have otherwise, threatened to RETALIATE against the US!! There is no way it can be sustained or even won. Unless the swagger of Nukes makes one think so.

Please, I am NOT trying to be jingoist.. for any action AFTER Nukes fall into the hands of terrorists will hurt the Pakistani citizens MORE than anyone else!

I am sure many amongst the common people in Pakistan would not realize this but complete capitulation of the Pakistan Army and the current set up of ISI is actually in their long term favor. History that was different that what I am pointing to has hurt the interests of the common man terribly!

Intriguingly, this time US and the Western forces and analysts are taking notice and very acutely – of the attacks and situation in India! This has never happened! And if this analyst is speaking what others might be thinking privately, then a bigger fight is on the cards in the sub-continent!

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