THE Yin-Yang principle in our lives

Every time we stop for a moment to observe the YIN-YANG principle in action mostly in our every day lives soon we will be aware that is much more common that we imagined that it would. I worked in hotel dinning rooms for over twenty years and being in love all my life for science especially Chemistry I used to watch chefs when they created perishable master pieces, so it was due to my constant questioning to these experts that I was able to get some of their secrets. The one that made more impact was the one dealing with salty dishes according to chefs it was copied from the Yin-Yang principle; In Yin ninety-five percent is Yin and five percent is Yang; In Yang ninety-five percent is Yang and five percent is Yin. To a salty dish add a pinch of sugar; to desserts add a pinch of sugar.

Even when making coffee if we add just a tiny quantity of salt it will increase the coffee pleasant fragrance. In improving the smell of some fresh pineapple if we bath the sliced pieces with sugar and then remove it before serving it, it will have a stronger delicate smell. So some dishes increase the flavor or smell with little salt and others with a little sugar. Then how can we apply this principle to our daily observations? For instance when invoking the black color try to add a five percent of the white color to increase the blackness of the observed black color. Now when I became an ESL teacher I used this Ying-Yang principle by adding just a five percent of Spanish to the English instructions. In high spiritual matters this principle becomes very handy, because we definitely need to always remember about the great importance of our Earthly existence. To most of my students the practical application of this principle was indeed a reliable growing framework. It’s time for me to suggest you the application of this useful principle in your mental tasks. What do we need to add to our intellectual endeavors?
Receive my high brotherly love and affection. Azokata-nous

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