26435854.Pineapple.jpgEating special spiritual food
to vitalize our invisible guardians

Fresh pineapple is our number one choice to obtain a healthy nutrition for the pineal organ. Our pineal gland is our master gland from all our invisible guardians. Also recommended fruit for this organ are: whole gratefruit, orange and fresh lemon juice. Regarding solar energy vegetables we have the watercress,the fresh tender green peas and tender and raw cactus pads.Our chakras need to be fed. They are fed by our right thoughts, sunlight, good moods, meditation, motivational readings, Mother Nature, nuts, fruit, vegetables and magnetized water.
This magnetized water is done by us,by holding a glass of water in our hands at our solar plexus hight and then taking three deep breaths drinking in small sips just half the water. The same applies to all our meals. Besides saying grace it would be wonderful if by placing our hands above our dish we imagine that the food is highly magnetized by the energy flowing from our palms and fingers.

If we record our guided meditations we will be able to be creative and add something very valuable to what we are listening. Being an ESL teacher for over tewnty years I discovered that it is the students own voice the one to be used in sentences, so their subconscious mind won’t interfere with the positive messages coming from their own voices. If the recording is done with some soft instrumental musical background we will triple its effectiveness plus burning some first quality incense in a semi-dark room.All of te above instructions will surely generte vey positive results.
For deja-vus flashbacks it is highly recommended to observe scenery images on which aren’t depicted man-made things, only nature. Anothe final suggestion. Please try to embody HAPPINESS. How? By believing that we are true happiness. It will be like a silent invocation. Slowly but surely we will be able to imitate this Archetype of more than word, a very real altruisitic supreme harmonious feeling.
With my best wishes.

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