Highly Energizing our Loving Hearts


Sometimes it is ncessary to give an extra energy to our hearts in order to attract the Divine influence of the vital spiritual force.

This high energy will be applied to our physical hearts as well as our psychic hearts. It would be desirable that I explain to you that this special exercise was received by me as an inner inspiration. Because I wish that many more peple can not only enjoy, but make it a daily habit, you are reading this explanation. For many years I’ve had a very strong conviction: Always try to demostrate with facts my humble contributions. So plase allow me to describe this exercise.

Let’s then start by invoking cosmic forces. Forces coming from our CREATOR.

“ I feel in my mind, body and spirit the peace and harmony of the Universe”

“ The peaceful universal harmony descends surrounding my integrated self penetrating to ach one of my cells regenerating them and attuning them to the univerasal rhytm”

Please repeat both affirmations until you start to feel its dynamic influence.
Now let’s take three deep breaths. imagining that with each breath we are more spiritually connected with our Universe. Let’s resume our normal brathing and sit down in a semi dark room. Romm on which we’ve burnt incense and have been playing our favorite soft instrumental music.

It is time to place six fingrs on our chest. Which fingers? The index, middle and ring fingers from each hand. It would be wise to take another three dep breaths imagining that with each deep breath we’re attracting the vital fluid from our Universe. This vital juice runs abundantly and harmoniously into our hearts. This energy starts to be accumulkated in our hearts. This energy strats spinning gaing extra force. Now this energy flows upwards and downwards. Ascending into our thyroid gland and descending into our solar plexus. The top energy located in our thyroid gland ascends a little more until it is concentrated in the space between our eyebrows. There starts spinning and spinning. Please try to feel this rotaring force. The bottom energy is located in our solar plexus. Here this energy starts spinning and spinning.Please try to feel it by sensing an extra warm feeling there. Spend as much time as posible feeling these two energies. Resume your normal breathing.

Now let’s imagine that our heart is a beautiful red rose with drops of dew on its petals, this dew provokes an expanding fragance of this emanating powerful rose. This emanation engulf us totally. Evey cell is prfumed with this smell. Now our heart becomes so big that our planet can be sheltered there. Right in the middle of it. Using our will power and vivid imagination Now using our will power and very vivid imagination let’s send this energy to cover all the surface of our blue planet. Every human being is being considered, every animal and every plant. All are able to totally absorb this amazing loving energy. Let’s not only visualize this, but to really feel it very, very deeply.

“Oh! Dear God! How wonderful it feels to be one of your children! A loving creature because you are indeed LOVE. LIFE AND ETERNAL LIGHT! Please don’t permit that I forget this communion with your Loving and Eternal Heart! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We are allowed to cry. To shed sacred tears. Tears lacking self-pity. Tears of Cosmic enjoyment! Let’s cry, cry and cry!”

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