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to inspirational thoughts

Inspiration has no nationality neither an I.Q measurement. To me it has a divine origin. This action on us allow us to go beyond our current intelligence when we are dedicated to unselfish creative work. When any person is able to follow the dictations of his/her heart the full cooperation of his mental faculties is easily achieved. Our society has always wrongly classified us according to our main activity losing the wide opened perspective of our real value. Versatibility is the appropriate word to describe us much better. Our minds are able to cover many different fields. Fields apparently belonging to experts. There are no boundaries for the reach of our minds when they have the full cooperation of our inspiration. Of course that the more knowledge we posses about different topics it will be much easier for our inspiration to find the required building tools to create something.

We have depended a lot about what famous people have said about something. In other words we love quoting. This is an excellent idea if we think that it is just half the process until we find something coming from our inspiration that subtitutes this quote. We have to learn to also quote ourselves. This action will open our creative channels and our access to this divine fountain of inspiration will surely become very accessible for our hearts and minds to reach it. No where else have I found so many committed people in their intents like here at Drishtikone. To me this is a very sacred place full of winners. People who despite their accomplishments they know that they can do a lot more for our world. This the beauty part of this magnificent place. From the bottom of my spiritual huge heart I thank you all.

Desh Kapoor

The panache of a writer is proven by the creative pen he uses to transform the most mundane topic into a thrilling story. Desh - the author, critic and analyst uses the power of his pen to create thought-provoking pieces from ordinary topics of discussion. He writes on myriad interesting themes. Read the articles to know more about his views and "drishtikone".

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