Nailing the Pakistani Lie on Mumbai Attacks!

Now as has been the regular pattern since the 1948 Kashmir invasion by Pakistan regulars and Tribals, the Pakistani lie has been nailed again!

What is it about Pakistan that it finds compelled to disown its own citizens? And what must its own citizen rights be WITHIN that country if its own Government (Army/ISI combine) treats a normal Joe (Yusuf) as merely canon fodder once the citizen is outside its borders??

Here is what has happened:

1. Kasab’s father has admitted that “he was in denial” and the person arrested is his son – Ajmal Kasab.

Earlier Kasab had told the Indian officials that he was from Faridkot in the Punjab province and that his father Mohammad Amir was married to Noor. The Uk paper, The observer, obtained an electoral list for Faridkot, which showed 478 registered voters, including a Mohammad Amir, married to Noor Elahi. Those are the people that Dawn, Observer and BBC had approached when the Mohammad Amir finally broke down!

2. Today it comes to light that Kasab has written a 3 page letter to Pakistani High Commission asking for legal help to fight in Indian courts – as most lawyers have declined to help Kasab despite censure from the Courts (every criminal has a right to a fair trial). While it establishes the truth, it also is a major embarrasment for Islamabad which has a RICH history of disowning its own citizens once they are caught! At the height of Kargil war, Pakistan declined to even take back their dead soldiers saying they were “Freedom Fighters” – which ultimately Indian Army buried while its own Muslim cleric presided.

3. Kasab actually gave names and addresses of all the other 9 guys – details that could be cross checked and verified.. and even FBI sat in and did their own interrogations and were apparently convinced that Kasab was indeed from LeT and from Pakstan.

4. Satellite phone was found on MS Kuber – the fishing boat. It has details of calls log showing calls made to Abu Al Qama – a known Lashkar-e-Toiba operative. FBI has also gotten details of at least four other calls from Thuraya – a Sharjah based service provider. US is using that to ban Jamaat ut Dawa in UNSC.

5. The GPS device found on Kuber had the route from Karachi to Mumbai mapped up. Also found on Kuber:

– Milk packet made by Nestle Pakistan Ltd
– Dental gel and other medical items made in Pakistan
– Detergent manufactured in Pakistan
– Flour from a Karachi shop
– Clothes with names of Pakistani tailors
– Diesel can from a petrol pump whose main office is in Karachi
– Urdu intsructions on a metal plate
– Toilet paper from Zik Brothers, Pakistan
– Touchme shaving cream from Pakistan
– Namaaz cap having a phone code of Multan

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